Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spartans! what is your profession??!


well, my profession is,

being a volunteer at hospital serdang for a few weeks (no payment of course)
and work for RM 60 a day under Cilix's Corp at the LKIM as an IT technician.

beside's that, i don't work at any other places.
except for being a 2 minutes cashier at the HospiMart of serdang hospital.
yeah, tat was too quick. just one customer.
i cant even open the cash register. chuckles~

so here's a riddle on what i want to do next is....

hey u, on the table.
yes u, hey, answer me.
y arent u answering?
owh yeah, i get it, ur dead,
but why?

i can see ur a male.
owh kay, good body shape.
colourful livor mortis.
ahh, u cant move.
lets call it rigor.
so its like, whut?
half a day perhaps?

i see u had congestion
all over your skin.
ur fingers are cyanosed.

how come u b dead of IHD?
owh wait, im sorry.
ur insurance cant be claimed.

unless of course,
they need to see ur inside.

so just lay down now.
it shudnt hurt.
let me just comb ur hair.
and yeah. please,
cud u pass me the s*****l.
thanks, owh kay, hold on.
owh kay, now i see ur skull.
seems OK with no fracture.
get me the s*w with the v****m.
ahh, yeah. great,
now i need that small s*****l.
hand me the bowl and OK.
*we got ur brain*

make sure u cut it evenly,
lay them on the board.
owh great. im correct.
u didnt die of stroke.

put it back.
lalala.. gauzzing..
lalala.. stitching..


have u guys done with the chest yet?

this is the thing i want to do in my profession.
wish me luck.

but first, a little bit of exam this 10th of april.
i havnt read a thing. anyways, good luck~!


cha'a said...
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cha'a said...

'have you guys done with the chest yet?' xD

a surgeon? forensic expert? lol.
sorry. maen teke je

anwar azhari said...

the later.

good guess..


cha'a said...

heheh. nice. i can see that it's ur thing. ^^

btw, apa itu 'supporters' the one on the right tuh?

anwar azhari said...

supporters tuh yg plg bnyak komen la..

nama asal dye 'top commenters'

kewll eh?

cha'a said...

ish, kalaw i tersenarai, probably u shud change it to

'top penyibuk' x3