Monday, April 19, 2010

rhythmic imbalance


so this time i want to try new thing..
i want to make my poetry have all the same syllabus till the end..
so i had made one, kinda weird when i first read it, cuz its definitely not my kind of style.
and i also tries to keep up with the rhythm..

and hence, i got this all 7 syllables till the end, and a rhyme of:

abab, abab, abba, aabb, abab.

hurrmm... but i think its a good start. i'll try harder next time.

Awkward doll

I know I am just a doll,
but I know that you want me,
for anything above all,
you can not hold to like me.

Why are you feeling awkward,
to the love that you had see,
you wish that I am a toad,
so then forth you will kiss me.

Someday I'll be a prince then,
and you will be my princess,
I will get you undressed hence,
do not matter till when then.

Don't make this gap between us,
be a wall that you can't pass,
then you know you are lying,
and suddenly you're crying.

I know there are difference,
but the heck then should we care,
I say perspective's nonsence,
that would lead us both despair.


who are you?


lao tzu said...

nice poem...
except for the repeated 'then'..^^

its beautiful nevertheless...

anwar azhari said...


i hate that part too..