Wednesday, April 21, 2010

relationship, it's somehow complicated?

relationship. its complicated.

a few made up story. some of which is modified, some of which are based on experience of family and friends.

story 1:

that guy might have a girlfriend, but for being so far away from his girl, he started to get naughty and starts to check out other girl.
so the guy than had been struck by a crush to this particular "second" girl. for sure (or perhaps), that somehow a second girl is always is better than the first one.
maybe by adding an adjective or two like dresses better, sweeter smiles, more caring, and much else. however, for having just a crush towards this second girl, the first girl starts to get jealous.
and so, she may tries harder to please the guy. yet, for somehow he had seen a better girl with better adjectives, he didnt fall for the flirts as he did before.
while awkwardly, he would start to feel eerish of every action that was made by the first girl. by that, i mean that he might have forgot that all the actions of flirts that was made by the first girl are the things that made him like the first girl in the first place.
therefore, the first girl starts to get tensed and superbly jealous towards the second girl. while probably the guy is having fun with the second girl, the first one eats ice cream on the bed or couch and starts to write heartbroken status on facebook and instant messenger.

second girl, wins.

end of story 1.

story 2:

this guy is a natural for being a sweet talker. his words would make any girls fell for him. but he is single, and have not so much friends.
so what he did was he adds anyone and approve anyone on a social networking site. so he start to get new friends, online.
what happen was that he started to get really close and somehow a slight attracted to a girl. but his girl was'nt much of his taste at all.
but however, they begin to know each other very well and instant messege one another, and they even also send e-mail (though its lame) to get into more serious topic that need a proper way to be told.
and they continue like that for a couple of month or more. so basically, they're very close, shares secrets, but never met each other.
what happen then was, this girl, has a friend (best friend in fact), who is definitely more in any adjective that could be described by either man or woman.
and therefore, the guy started to be attracted more to the girl's bestfriend for the reason that i said before. and so, as time goes on, the guy got along with the second girl and started dating after a month knowing each other.
eventhough the first girl had knew him longer.

second girl, wins.

end of story 2.

story 3:

there was this beautiful, multi-talented, sweet girl (girl 1 ). and of course, for being beautiful, multi-talented, attractive sweet girl, she has a boyfriend (guy 1).
and so there was this another guy (guy 2), tall, intelligent, good looking and kind. not much, compared to the boyfriend of girl 1. however, he got a girlfriend (girl 2) who is totally above all compared to the first girl mentioned.
what happen was, the boyfriend of the first girl got another girl (girl 3), who is beyond else of the first girl. and somehow guy 2 is attracted to the first girl (of anyways who cares?).
and guy 1, who clearly have something going on with girl 3, said to girl 1, that they have nothing in between at all. being convinced for the statement made by guy 1, she feel relieved.
furthermore, she totally ignore guy 2, who had clearly shows his affection towards girl 1, despite the fact that he has made a promise towards girl 2.
suppose that, in my opinion, guy 2 should be with girl 1 who he is attracted more to, and girl 1 should forget her late boyfriend who had lied, obviously.
but girl 1 was still thinking about guy 1. and guy 2 was still thinking about girl 2. for better or worse, i think the best was for girl 1 being with guy 2, and guy 1 being with girl 3. ignore girl 2 who is really a package and could find a substitude easily.
for girl 1 who still having hope in guy 1, pity her. most probably she would end up like the first girl in the first story above. for guy 2 who is now affected to girl 1, pity you. for girl 3, lucky you. girl 2, forget guy 2.

first guy, wins.

moral of these not-so-complicated-but-damn-hard-to-understand-and-easy-to-get-confused stories are,

-1st girl, never wins.
-2nd guy, try harder.

end of story.
while in your story, 1st girl might win.
but who cares? i made these up.


hUr said...

ala, in the end, everyone is a winner. sebab eventually, each and one of us will find our true love respectively, no matter how many times we get hurt, it doesnt matter. :)

Anonymous said...


anwar azhari said...


thats true hur..

it takes a lost before you found it..

Syafinaz Az said...

love is a losing game.nuff said

afiQFaiz said...



cool post~
how about the situation is extended to girl 3? who'll win??

let's find some time for tennis~~!


anwar azhari said...

irn: true..

afiq: biarkn je la gurl 3 tuh..
hurrmm.. tennis eh, not sure.. aft this kalo ad masa je ak tekad nk turun trus r.. lame dh 'love' x pukul bola..

Anonymous said...
-best kot- =)