Saturday, April 10, 2010

dia diminati dan disanjungi semua


harinih berasa kurang bersemangat. mungkin kerana peperiksaan tadi menduga. namun, telah ku berikan yang terbaik. selain itu, aku mendapat sokongan dari seorang sahabat handai untuk membuat utusan pada hari ini.

princess of Kajang

you are here,
present between us peasants
with poise you came in here,
of your smile,
kills those who are vile,
make us crazy for it and not a while.

then your scent,
shows the beauty of the scents
all so descent oh so innocence.

as how the sun,
shining up your skin as the fairest of them all stand in sheen,
so we come, then we kneel,
to our lovely princess we have to bow to the heel,
so that is her, said to be the fairest of all.

now that it all doesnt matters,
we all agree for our princess is an angle,
but in all that matters,
that is truly her,
who is definitely deserves it,
not just beautiful,
but to be humble,
and with high poise,
make us distort to wonder,
plus a distance to ponder,
a thought to be slender.

she will be queen,
from above the kingdom and palace.
as all the peasants are here,
just to have a gaze though
we have to bow in grace and
to never see her face,
oh how it was said,
that she is never been seen,
by any eyes of that is even a matter,
so we come, and to hope,
that this the time to see our princess so glee
and to wait her sits beside the queen.

my princess,

I don't have horses of white,
or stallions of black,
but for each days to enlight,
you can ride on my piggy back.

I don't have diamonds or pearls,
but with a ring of gold,
I'll be with you in tears,
and stay blithe when we are old.



hUr said...

ehem ehem. princess kajang? diba ke? :P

FarHAnAhMohAMAd said...

farhanah mohamad likes this so much..!huhu..

anwar azhari said...


yup... maybe



afiQFaiz said...

woooooo~ tepet~

aiman khalifah kot~?

anwar azhari said...

aiman sultan dowhh~

cha'a said...

some may look like it's a terzanelle. some like sonnets. equally free verse poetry. and equally sincere n well done!

cha'a said...

i'm pretty much upset coz i've highlighted this one but nothing come out.. huhu..