Sunday, April 4, 2010

self quote: blame the tongue or the fingers?


i had been walking in my own blog.
and found stuff that i didnt believe i wrote them.
few are great, others are awesome, but mostly trash and old junk.

saya yakin. saya telah mengambil langkah ini. sementara orang hanya tahu menarik balik langkahnya, saya kata tidak. kerana kali ini, saya akan terus jalan ke hadapan.

dokter boleh mati time blaja.
serius, medic susah.

...i seek the meaning of love itself. and as how thick oxford's dictionary are, or how comprehensive wikipedia and google are, i still cant find the right answer.

"Ya Allah, Aku pohon cinta Mu ya Allah,
dan cinta orang-orang yang mencintaiMu ya Allah"

Kajang to Kuala Lumpur,
reminds me of home,
where both of us has come from the same place.

nyata bahawa wanita itu lebih ramai, tapi, adakah wujudnya wanita yang mencintai Rasulullah SAW lebih dari suaminya sendiri?
(sepertimana zaman para sahabat dahulu?)

Prof: u smoke?

Tept: no

"Palestin..!! I'll get u back..!!"

yes, its undeniable that we have the so called "4 column" to be filled (could be filled),

cuz in the end of the day, i realized that I only need YOUR LOVE. I only need your Love, O Allah.

yeah. i'm a son who misses his mom. a LOT.

the weird and rare occassion that i see is in which the malay @ muslims here wudnt want to form any Jemaah for their solat.

during ramadhan, we cud only see women in their hijabs n almost that we see none of them expose theirselves to the public. its such a nice scene to look at.



semua semua ini sangat nice !

afiQFaiz said...

aaahh... well-said.


cha'a said...

words in green is something i need right now. lucky me to have dropped by. =)

anwar azhari said...


smua org pn suke yg tuh.. =)

cha'a said...

eh, tp i meant the dark green one taw.

yg.. psl 4 columns tu......

anwar azhari said...

yea.. cha'a..

i knoe..

yg 4 columns tuh x ramai org terima..


4 column tuh dtg dr sinih:

yg smua org suke tuh dr sinih:

cha'a said...

hahahaha! xD

nice posts azhari!

both are.

but the nenek x percye one rofls me.

yeah, these questions are becoming more common huhh nowadays..

i'm like only 19 and i don't care about it yet x3