Saturday, February 28, 2009

diriku menyakitkankah?


just very simple post for today.

and in this post, i hope that u all wud think back about things that we had done,

and things that we wud do.

and may also be things that we did but actually we dont want it to happen.

diriku menyakitkankah?

aku sakitkan ko ke?
oh kawan,
ko nangis, aku sebak,
ko merajuk, aku pujuk,
ko senang, kita lepak,

ko lapar, aku masak,
ko imam, aku makmum.

aku tikam, ko elak,
aku tumbuk, ko tepis,
aku sepak, ko balas balik terajang,
aku tampar, ko pukul,
aku ludah, ko muntah,
aku hantuk, ko terantuk,
aku lebam, ko pun lebam,
aku berdarah, ko parah.

i sakitkan u ker?
owh sayang,
i miss call, u call,
u buzz, i buzz balik,
i sms, u reply,
u keluar, kite dating,
i lapar, u belanje,
u nak baju baru, i belikan je la,
i sakit, u jaga,
u rindu, i pilu.

i lupe besday u, u majok,
i x belikan u baju baru,
u x nk kuar ngan i,
i beli tiket movie yg u x sker, u tido dlm panggung,
i bz smpai x layan u, u invi,
i tampar, u nangis,
i x sayang u, kita clash jer la.

saya menyakitkan ke?
oh mama, oh ayah,
ayah kejutkan, saya bangun tido,
mama masak, saya makan,
ayah pergi kerja, saya ikut,
mama pergi masjid, saya ikut,
saya bodoh, ayah ajar,
hati saya gelap, mama terangkan,
kita solat, ayah imam.

ayah mintak tolong, saya berat tulang,
mama suruh belajar, saya malas,
ayah marah, saya diam,
mama marah, saya merajuk,
ayah pukul, saya tahan,
mama pukul, mama x sanggup nak pukul anak sendiri,
saya fly, mama nangis,
saya rindu mama ayah, mama ayah pn samer.


thats all 4 today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pictures and description


im too lazy too write anything.

here is some pics.

strawberry. hard to find them these days

full used pen in 3 month. do we work too hard for ourselves?

Friday, February 13, 2009

tips study- oleh Prof Dr Tept Sigmoid Anwar Azhari


tips study yang hendak saya kongsi kepada sekalian semua ialah:

Bagaimana hendak study last minute??

TATKALA kita menjadi seorang yang suka menangguh, kita akan menjadi seorang pelajar yang akan study pada last minute.

namun, jangan risau*!!

pada saya ada satu tips untuk study pada last minute.

"senantiasa kita membaca buku2 motivasi dan cara study effisien,
tapi tidak ada menceritakan cara study last minute." -Prof TepT

majoritinya hanya mengatakan bahawa study last minute itu memakan diri,
merupakan cara pelajar yang gagal!!!

hal ini adalah salah**!!

saya akan kongsi beberapa tips untuk study last minute.

dan tips ini adalah satu2nya tips yang saya ada.


bahagikan diri anda kepada 3 dan study semua benda yang ditangguhkan sekaligus***!!

mungkin anda boleh bahagikan seperti berikut:

Tept: mambaca buku teks yang disediakan universiti dan buku2 international

Anwar: menjadi prof yang membimbing si pembaca buku (tept). sambil itu, boleh juga baca artikel2 menarik di iluvislam dan wikipedia. sambil mengupdate blog juge...

Azhari: menjadi insan biasa yang sentiasa ingat pada Allah dan jangan tangguhkan atau memperlewatkan solat!! jangan pula meninggalkan solat. teruskan membaca al-Quran.
jangan sangka anda tiada masa.

x percaya??!!****

lihat gambar ini

gambar ini diambil di sebuah pagi yang cerah. tatkala waktu pagi adalah waktu yang bagus untuk study (jangan pula tidur melebih2!!!)

Tept (duduk) sedang study, Anwar (lab coat) memerhati dan membimbing, Azhari (serban) memberi galakan dan motivasi

duduk di kerusi anda, buka buku, dan cubalah..!!

semoga Allah mempermudahkan imtihan kita

*= risau la sekarang, abg anas dh kate jgn procastinate!!
***=mengarut jer
****=jgn percaya

Thursday, February 12, 2009

smile of an angel- the lyrical glimpse

Assalamualaikum. a story about a boy, whom is crushed with a girl. a fantasy, if you don't believe. a reality, if it is really me. just to post it here to be immortalize,

The Lyrical Glimpse

dedicated to,

Jasmin Munchar Elias

true story,

my life is the bell ring, get started, speak loud,
table bang, merely polite, ask none, answer like shit.

i still remember how we first met,
you are debating and all i do is just sit and watch,
looking at my partner doing so great,
they seem you to the one that is hard to catch.

i was nobody back there,
won't make any movement with my mouth,
loved to have a chat but just spill it,
i'm just a quarter by the side of the road.

that was the first to be known,
still had no intention, no lust, no ego,
feel it was just like too impossible,
just say to Tept, hey forget it, its another day ahead.

another month pass by and we are bound to nothing,
have the usual day of life with the spontaneous movement,
the only embedded memory is that i had met you before,
nothing is significant enough to that event and i felt none.

a week pass by and there are a competition,
just chill out from the high wire by having a chat with few girls,
i saw you pass by me and u smiled,
owh gosh, its the most wonderful, sweet, enchanted, smile i had ever seen.
eyes sparkle like the splash of the waterfall,
seems heavy to be seem,
but eyes like that was so calm, so cool, stab it!
my heart was struck by the angle light,
damn i felt so crazy,
my feet was not on the ground and the smile,
wish that i could pause the moment,
a moment that is sowed into my fragile heart,
so fragile that i wished that me and her would just go as the breeze,
in the future where i planned for her to be by my side,
how it felt so great to see her sweet beautiful pure face.

damn it, she passed by just like that,
wish that i could stop her,
have an introduction perhaps?
or just say a few words to have a dinner together?
or just crack up a fool's joke by asking her where she is from,
because its obvious that she was from a school next to mine.
but all i can see that its just a monkey me,
gazing at the moon just right above me,
to climb the tree high enough but damn it I'm so ugly.

tomorrow is a month which turns the sun into a year,
i couldn't just forget the angle smile that she bought me,
to have that feeling again was just utmost impossible,
its something that cant be locked from the lingua,
always there would be the story from me of the mysterious girl,
with her perfect smile that grinds my heart into a carving of an artist,
to have a flashback, it would be real great,
but to have a think back of it,
for her, there is none or may not to be me.

it would be just like this and it could go along forever,
the crush i felt is the hardest one yet,
yet knowing that walking by the equator leads to nowhere,
i should wake up and start a new life on the new line.
and yet its just me walking,
not to turn back to the past that was just very soothing,
for i didn't hope that i could see falling stars twice,
that's where i started running from the slow walking.

just an ordinary guy with the internet,
i would smoke up the IM and with myspace, friendster,
getting to connect friends and to know the world,
with no arrows to guide me the way,
i just typing on and just uploading some more,
till i buzz the mysterious miss strawberry,
i didn't know anything bout her but lets jump into another story.

hey there, whats up, how r u doing?
hey ya back, I'm fine, doing great.
who are you? lets get to know each other better.
I'm Mimsha, that's great, tell me about yourself.
Tept is what they call me,
i live at the hottest satay hometown,
owh that's to be eaten with grace,
we live in the same place. and the IM gets funkier,
when we get to know ourselves better.
its by the time i ask her school that strikes back the memoirs behind.

i said,
"hey you, do you know any girl from your school about 5 feet high,
few inches up,
all with a fair white skin and a braces that enhances her smile,
the most important thing to know that she does something like me."
she burst with laughter and just said her name.
i heard and knew her name for the first time,
the girl with the enchanting smile,
just screaming out loud for being so happy and delighted.

but its not like it enlightens me high enough,
till i ask where she at and she said Saujana Impian.
damn, its just beside my Kampung Sungai Kantan!
she said, heck you are right, what are you gonna do about it?
then i said, I'm going to run to her.
hell yeah? seriously?
damn it I'm serious.
tomorrow is the day i would put on my jog shoe,
be on the road to run and not to turn back,
this isn't the equator I'm running because its 100% reality to be chase.

its a very glorious day in the evening,
I'm having BBQ with my dad by the riverbank,
the sky is pouring all the Rahmat of the Lord Allah al-Karim,
the BBQ haven't settled yet but i made myself an excuse,
its a lil bit still rainy,
but started to run.

with a minute amount of information given by miss strawberry,
i would just get easily lost in the middle of the run,
but heck i couldn't just give up for the one I'm chasing for,
damn it all the lactic acids are killing me,
with the wet shoe on my way really slows me down,
to think of the smile i once gaze upon back there,
the orbelli really had struck me to run faster with stronger spirit.
i had spent 40 minutes on the road running,
its hard to tell the feeling that of all glycogen was lost in the burn,
still breathing, still running, still raining.
i felt like i was going to give up.
till then i had found the most righteous sign to be found,
to go a lil bit of right and a lil bit of left,
i stopped.

tachycardia had gotten into me,
my ears was turning all red and hot,
my diaphragm cant pull the air anymore,
my foot freezes by the chill of the rain,
all my limbs are numb,
my lips are numb,
think that I'm gonna die?
not even close.

because its me, my eyes,
struck to the view that is sheen,
i saw a girl reading Konserto Terakhir by the veranda,
its her, i knew it its her.
still with her lips that gave me the smile of an angle,
with fair complexion of her white Malay smooth skin,
the large brown eyes that sparkles so calm to be seen,
a dark black hair pony tailed to her back,
plain white T's with a pants just a simple one.

i called upon her to talk to her,
have a lil chat perhaps,
i wouldn't let this particular chance go away,
the chat starts with zero and ends with one,
so temporary, almost like i felt nothing,
her mom called from inside and she had to go,
we said goodbye to each other and that was it,
she turned around to get to the door,
so i turned around to get back on the rhythm of the floor,
orbelli kicks back in with all the phosphorylase,
its how chemically that all the final minute amount of glycogen was burnt,
damn i felt so energized that it took me just a matter of time to went back home.
so that was it, i continue to BBQ.
felt so blithe, it is the most exalted moment that elates me.

the line goes on with nothing in between,
till its time of the year that counts the full sun circle,
its a year after the lyrical glimpse,
still none of the phrase was dementia,
i arrived to the place i met her before,
thousands of new competitors,
i was there as an ex,
to lead the guys who are eager to beat the rest.

she was there,
sitting in the corner with all her friends,
arrhythmia kicking in,
air grasp in,
inhale, exhale and yeah!!

i remember the night that u called me,
i felt my body just burst with butterflies all over,
stab me and i wont feel any pain,
just to see your name blinking by my phone,
the felicity that couldn't be beaten by any other means.

i promised to see one of your matches,
to give support and ancillaries,
heck that i couldn't see your comrades stand up beside u,
so i take the heck to clap as hard as i can,
seems chowder headed but do you think i would care?

the night heatens up with digital SMS,
each time i press the send button it amuses me to simper,
its a fact that i kept all your SMS for almost 6 month and i didn't delete them,
cuz they reminds me for all the precious temporary time that we had together,
although seems unreal and nearer to an illusion,
precious is to be kept in the heart and mind.
and kept on the M2 too, just in case.

in the last day i was in Malaysia,
i got fruits by the stall of Muhammad near the mosque,
got a last piece of A4 that seems like a bumf,
i wrote down the final words that are decrypt,
i gave it to you by my hand,
in front of your parents and u seemed scared to be asked back by them.
its an abstract expressionism that i didn't think before i amend it,
but blast it, its the last thing i wanna do to be stored in the hippocampus,
gazed upon your house from my bedroom window,
then flew away to Egypt to run some more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

have u smile today??


i got these by my email..

just to carve a smile on your face..!!




Tuesday, February 10, 2009

12 februari - tarikh untuk diingati

14 oktober merupakan tarikh kelahiran seorang pejuang Islam yang terkenal,

a.k.a. Pak Cik Hassan* (nama sebenar, sila tanya sesiapa alim ulama)

beliau dilahirkan di kampung al-mahmudiyyah, al-bahriyyah, Iskandariah, Mesir. 

Beliau berasal dari sebuah perkampungan petani yang terkenal oleh ketaatan ajaran dan nilai Islam.

Keluarganya juga ulama yang dihormati. Bapanya, Sheikh Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman al-Banna adalah seorang ulama, imam, guru dan seorang pengarang terkenal.

Pak Cik Hassan menjadi pemimpin dan pengasas gerakan IM yang dihormati. Melalui kepemimpinan dan didikannya, IM menjadi penggerak kebangkitan semula Islam abad ini. Antara wasiat beliau yang terkenal ialah:

• Apabila mendengar azan, maka bangunlah solat serta-merta walau dalam keadaan apa sekali pun.

• Bacalah al-Quran, tatapilah buku ilmu, pergilah ke majlis ilmu, dan amalkan zikrullah serta jangan membuang masa dalam perkara yang tiada memberi faedah.

• Berusahalah untuk bertutur dalam bahasa Arab kerana bahasa Arab yang betul itu adalah satu-satunya syiar Islam.

• Janganlah bertengkar dalam apa-apa perkara sekali pun kerana pertengkaran yang kosong tiada memberi apa-apa kebaikan.

• Janganlah banyak ketawa kerana hati yang sentiasa berhubung dengan Allah itu sentiasa tenang lagi tenteram.

• Janganlah banyak bergurau kerana umat yang sedang berjuang itu tidak mengerti melainkan bersungguh-sungguh dalam setiap perkara.

• Janganlah bercakap lebih nyaring daripada kadar yang dikehendaki oleh pendengar kerana percakapan yang nyaring itu adalah perkara yang sia-sia, malah menyakiti hati orang.

• Jauhilah daripada mengumpat peribadi orang dan janganlah bercakap melainkan yang memberi kebajikan.

• Berkenal-kenalan dengan setiap Muslimin yang ditemui kerana asas gerakan dakwah ialah berkenal-kenalan dan berkasih-sayang.

• Kewajipan lebih banyak daripada masa yang ada pada kita. Oleh itu, gunakan masa dengan sebaik-baiknya dan ringkaskan pelaksanaannya.

pada 12 februari 1949 di Kaherah, beliau telah ditembak mati oleh pembunuh upahan yang dipercayai merupakan sekutu kerajaan. Beliau hanyalah berusia 43 tahun dan berada pada kemuncak perjuangannya.

*bagi mengelak blog ini dijumpai sekiranya nama sebenar dicari dlm google



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

say thank you


thank you.


Anwar Azhari