Saturday, January 31, 2009

tagged= merangkaikan, menyambung


kne tagged ngan Afiq aka Dople..


lupe lak..


well, afiq said tht he wantd to see all three of us (tept, anwar n azhari) doing this tag.

so here it goes..

1) who was ur last text from??
Anwar: etisalat.. i cudnt understand a thing..

2) where was ur default pic taken?

Tept: mini lecture hall at biochemistry department.

3) relationship status?

Azhari: single n dun wanna mingle

4) have u ever lost a close friend?

Anwar: hurrmm.. no i think.. just forget 2 say hi 2 each other

5) what is ur current mood?

Tept: mood 4 studying.. but im stuck with blogger

6) whats ur brothers name?

Anwar Azhari: Amir Azlan and Ahmad Azizi

7) favourite colour??

Azhari: mysterious purple,

Anwar: cool blue, and

Tept: hot rod red

8) where do u wish u were right now?

Azhari: Al-azhar university, studying tafsir al-quran

9) have a crazy side??

, Anwar, Azhari: we had 3 side already.. arent tht crazy enuf??

10) ever had a near death experience??

Azhari: yeah.. almost drowned at a swimming pool at pulau pinang. then an indian guy came 2 d rescue 2 help me. that indian dude was some awesome dude.

11) something u do a lot?

Tept: cooking and create a new recipe

Anwar: reading wikipedia

Azhari: thinking about d future

12) angry at anyone?

Tept: no

Anwar: hell yes

Azhari: no

13) whats stopping u from d person u like?

Anwar: its not yet d time.
Azhari: pengorbanan sbg seorang sahabat

14) when was d last tyme u cried?

Azhari: a few weeks ago, while reciting d quran

15) is there anyone u wud do anything for?

Azhari: mama ayah, n all my loving family

Anwar: eleleleleeehh...

Azhari: menda elele lak ko??

Anwar: yer la.. x kn famly jer kot..

Azhari: abis 2?? sape lg??

Tept: x de insan istimewa ker?

Azhari: mne de la weyh..
Anwar: hahaha.. yer la tuh..

Azhari: ak ckp x nk cayer.. btol r..
Anwar: what about **** and **** and ****??

Tept: n also **** and **** and **** and ****?
Azhari: haha.. mne der.. bnyak lak 2 name korg sebut.. mngarut jer korg.. kite smua kn single n dun wana mingle.. i said it by q no 3..

& Tept: ok.. ok..

16) what do u think about when u r about to fall asleep?

Azhari: i think bout my father and my mother

Anwar: i think about how comfort my saratoga is..

Tept: i think about d wrong things that i done.

17) who was d last person u talk 2 on d phone?

Azhari: ayah.. Dr Hj Abdul Karim bin Hj Tajudin (pict) n mama, Latifah bt Redah, n my 2 brothers(refer 2 q 6)

18) what r ur favourite songs??

TepT: refer 2 our profile on blogger

19) what are u doing right now?

Anwar: i felt stupid while trying to answer this question..

20) who do u trust right now?

Anwar: my frens around me of coz

21) where did u get d shirt ur wearing??

Tept: at school. im wearin the Lekir's house shirt.. cost me RM 8.. tribute 2 Jadu..!!

22) have u kissed someone in the past week?
Anwar: i kissed ******** in my dream, wud that count?

23) what is ur lucky number?? Azhari: 57.. its d number 2 great varieties, and it is also my birthday.

24) who are ur frens that are closest 2 u??

Tept: nezly sama, afiq faiz

Anwar: hashimi salleh

25) describe ur life in 1 word

Tept: SIGMOID....!!!!!!!!!

26) who are u thinking right now??

Tept: afiq faiz tht tagged me cuz my hands are really tired of typing right now...

27) what should you be doing rite now?
Anwar: study. nothing else

28) If you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now what would it be.

Anwar: syahid n Ainul Mardhiah (not ainul mardhiah ubaidillah but angle ainul mardhiah)
Azhari: kalo dpt Ainul Mardhiah Ubaidillah x kn ko x nk kot??

Anwar: hahaha.. bleh gak.. =P

29) what are u listening too?

Tept: zaihas wat bising

30) who was d last person who gave u a hug?

Tept: afiq faiz- cuz dye baru balik dr cairo n i miss him..

Anwar: ehh?? jawapan samer ngan tagger

Tept: abis 2?? mmg ktorg shati sejiwa..

Anwar: hahahha
Tept: hahahaha

31) who was d last person who yelled at you??

Anwar: ntah r.. ramai kot.. cuz tyme men bola td ramai giler bdak2 jerit2 mntak bola etc..

32) do u act differently around the person u like?

Azhari: yes.. cuz we got tachycardia, n all our physiological function starts 2 change.

33) what is ur natural hair colour?

34) who was d last person 2 make u laf??

Tept: furhan zamri.. cuz bnyak emoticon lawak kuar kat ym dye n he is beside me ryte now.

35) who do u wanna tag??

Tept: Ada cuz she just turned 19

Anwar: pass..

Azhari: Nur Amalina Abdul Rashid cuz dh lame dye x update blog..



Friday, January 30, 2009

honey milk, carrefour, exam



today post of tept wud be about farahani..


just kiddin..


let me go again,

today post of tept wud be about milk n honey, or honey n milk, whichever u like it..

the thing about them 2 is,

they r wonderful when are mixed together..!!!

seriously, just have a glass of milk with a spoon full of honey with d milk..

its wonderful....!!!!

i had a fren called farahani in which her email include honey and milk.. i've heard, read, n pronounced her email adress but never to actually mixed them together..

its like ilmu tanpa amal ibarat pohon x berbuah..

n just mix honey & milk..!! its wonderful..!!

btw, thanks hani..!! (for the inspiration and much else)

here is my new bottle containing milk




salam.. td ak g carrefour ngan shimi..

saje jln2

shimi nk bli hard disk,

ak nk bli mcm2..

n d milk bottle is 1 of d things i bought.



stepping into carrefour makes me feel like being in msia..




exam mode is on..!!

just now we had finished d histology and biochemistry practical exam..

after 1 week, d big exam wud come..

n hahahaha..

exam je memanjang..

pict 1: TepT while studying (credit to rahman D for d candid)

pict2: alif asyraf- alamak..!! x bace lg..!!
pict 3: shimi- lamenyer kene tunggu.. biler nk exam nih?? ~tido~
pict 4: abu: hahaha.. x yah la korg bukak buku lagi.. korg nih mmg pembaca buku tegar..!!

pict 5: pok jak- haha.. histo senang jer la ..

pict 6: afiq- snap a pic jap..

pict 7: tepet - huhu

pict 8: perbincangan kali terakhir..

well then,

just wanna say good luck and all d best to all my comrades

in all the upcoming exams..!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009



saya insomnia..

x leh tdo..

skang dh kol 4 stengah pg..

nnt kol 10 kne wat presentation pharmacology..


thanx 4 reading..


Saturday, January 24, 2009

foods that are good for your brain


today's post would be somehow educational and informational.  all applause to anwar for his hardwork..

we are really sorry that tept and azhari are being too lazy to update this blog.



by Anwar Azhari

1. Dark chocolate has a powerful antioxidant properties. It contains several natural stimulants such as caffeine which enhance focus and concentration. Besides that, it also stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps you to improve your mood. A quarter of a bar of dark chocolate a day would be all that is required to get you all the benefits and keeps you going well by the day.

2. Whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole-grain breads can reduce the risk for heart disease. Because all of our body organ depends on blood flow, therefore by promoting cardiovascular health, we are promoting the good flow of the organs system, which includes the brain. Whole grains are rich in fiber, vitamin E and omega-3. A meal of whole grain by breakfast time would be enough for a day.

3. Blueberry is a kind of fruit which could change your life. In some sources, it had been found that blueberries helps to protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effect of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Studies had also shown that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats. It is recommended to add at least a cup of blueberries a day in any form, either fresh, frozen, or dried.

4. Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E in which with high levels of vitamin E, it corresponds with less cognitive declines as you get older. A handful of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and unhydrogenated nut butters such as peanut butter and almond butter. Raw or roasted doesn't matter and although you are on a sodium-restricted diet, buy unsalted nuts instead.

5. Freshly brewed tea. Two or three cups of freshly brewed tea either hot or iced, contains a modest amount of caffeine which, when used judiciously it can boost brain power by enhancing memory, focus, and mood. Tea also has potent antioxidants, which promotes healthy blood flow. However, bottled or powdered tea don't do the trick but tea bags does. As so, the best result is to have freshly brewed tea.

and yet, there are too many else to be placed here. such as honey, dates, avocados, raisins, and much more. some of it we had already heard about their goodness. i chose these 5 foods because its kinda a new stuff for me i guess..

halalan thoiyiban

yg halal itu adalah yg baik

the halal ones are the good ones


Monday, January 19, 2009

perumpamaan tept 1


"katak duduk di sebelah tempurung"

pada fitrahnya setiap daripada kita telah pun sebati dengan perumpamaan

"bagai katak bawah tempurung".

namun demikian,

dalam hal katak yang duduk di sebelah tempurung, maksud di sebalik perumpamaan ini tidaklah terlalu lain daripada perumpamaan yang asal.

cuba bayangkan dua ekor katak tersebut.

Katak 1:

katak ini berada di bawah tempurung. justeru, katak ini tidak mengenali dunia luar. dia tidaklah masuk ke dalam tempurung tersebut mengikut kehendak hati. katak ini masuk ke dalam tempurung semasa umurnya masih kecil semasa dia merasakan dirinya tidak penting bagi dunia ini. mungin terdapat ancaman daripada haiwan liar lain yang memaksa katak kecil ini memasuki tempurung. katak ini dapat meneruskan hidup dengan memakan lalat yang memasuki tempurung tersebut. sewaktu kecil, katak ini dapat memasuki tempurung ini dengan mudah. hatta, katak ini memikirkan bahawa adalah mudah untuk katak ini keluar semula daripada tempurung tersebut. oleh itu, kerana dia merasa selesa tinggal di bawah tempurung dan meneruskan hidup dengan memakan lalat yang menyelinap masuk ke dalam tempurungnya itu, maka, dia tidak mahu keluar dari tempurung tersebut. setelah beberapa lama kemudian, katak ini hendak keluar dari tempurung tersebut namun badannya telah menjadi gemuk dan besar. maka, katak ini terus terperangkap di dalam tempurung dan terputuslah secara langsung dirinya dari dunia luar yang luas.

Katak 2:

katak ini berada di sebelah tempurung. katak ini adalah lebih baik daripada katak 1 di mana dia lebih mengetahui akan keadaan dunia luar, boleh memakan serangga yang lebih besar selain lalat, mempunyai perasaan cemburu akan katak lain yang mengawan dengan katak betina, boleh menghirup udara luar yang segar, dan sebagainya. namun begitu, sama seperti katak 1, dia tidak mahu mengambil tindakan untuk mengubah dirinya sendiri. katak ini hanya duduk di sebelah tempurungnya sambil memerhatikan dunia sekeliling. katak ini sedar akan keadaan dunia luar namun dia hanya menunggu dengan sabar untuk memerhatikan perubahan terhadap dunia ini. katak ini sering tertawa melihat gelagat katak-katak yang lain. selain itu, sering dalam hati kecilnya berkata, "setelah tiba masa aku nanti, akan ku bawa perubahan terhadap dunia ini". buat masa ini, katak ini hanya duduk bersendirian di tepi tempurung, memerhati dunia luar, dan bersedia untuk mengubah dunia apabila masanya telah tiba!


sekian sahaja perumpamaan tept buat kini. teruskanlah melayari blog ini. salam kepada anda semua. selamat dan salam ke atas para mujahidin dan para syuhada di palestin. Wallahualam.


Friday, January 16, 2009

telefon, telur, dan tahi



mood: masuk air

aku berkata-kata pada telefon untuk mendalami telefon.

suka benar saya dengan telefon baru tersebut.

saya berkata-kata dengan gembira.

prakata 1: "hoi kau, lama x dgr khabar.. pe citer bro??"
prakata 2: "owhh.. mcm itu kah.."prakata 3: "hurmm.. entahlah.. x wat pape pn.. just fooling around"

sebenarnya telefon yang dimaksudkan ialah tulang pinggul.

the Hip Bone.


saya juga ingin mengucapkan selamat berjaya kepada semua pelajar Alex yg akan mengambil exam practical anatomi pada minggu ini.




mood: lapar

oleh kerana lapar, maka makanlah anwar akan bubur nasi yadiy.

tatkala lidahku merasakan bubur nasi itu x setaraf bubur yang ku masak beberapa hari yang lepas, maka, daku mengambil keputusan untuk goreng telur dan menambah serunding dalam hidangan.

telur goreng tepet 1: nampak biase jer..

telur goreng tepet 2: putih telurnya di tengah??

Telur goreng ni nampak cam biase ker??

usha lah balik..

ini ialah hasil seni masakan.

putih telurnya ada di tengah manakala kuning telurnya ada di sekeliling.

x pelik ker?

try la masak sendiri.

ak pn x sedar akan hasil seni yang indah ini.
bile dh dua tiga kali kunyah baru sedar bahawa putih telur ada di tengah manakala kuning telur berada di sekeliling.





mood: bersemangat

aku bergegas ke masjid untuk menunaikan solat jumaat.

sedang ku berjalan-jalan,


tersepak daku akan ketulan tahi kuda.


hahaha.. hampeh btol kuda nih..

berak merata.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursday starts with smiles, goes with laughter, ends with a cry

TEPT: Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. today i will talk about the first chapter of this post which is 'thursday starts with smiles'. while Anwar will continue the story today with 'goes with laughter', and Azhari would summarize our post today with 'ends with a cry'.

just like any other thursday, we got histology and biochemistry practical class. people would just smile cuz its thursday.. and later on the next day would be friday. thats y everyone is so happy. on histology practical class, my laptop had gone all wrong. at 1st it cant read any thumbdrive. so, i had it restarted. later on, found out that the CD rom is jammed, so i had to restart it over again.

Irn, Anis, and Dieba, playing with TSL Crystal Eye (seriously on rating 1 to 10, how much u guys wud give??)

then later on i cud burn all the slides of presentation of biochemistry of group C into the CD. and we had a lil chat with Amira.

Amira: whom is this? *pointing at Datto- a biscuit filled with date
Anwar: its for u. everybody got it.
Amira: but i dont want it. u take it.
Anwar: no no no. just take it.
Amira: but, i dont eat dates.
Anwar: huh? i thought all arabs eat dates.
Amira: yes they do, but i dont like it.
Anwar: why?
Amira: cuz its high in clori
Anwar: huh?
Amira: its high is calorr
Anwar: whats that??
Amira: its high in calorie..
Anwar: owh..
Amira n Anwar: hhahahaha..

she just left the biscuit on the table. so i took em and it em with Irn.

then we played along with my laptop. Anis and Irn seems really intrested on my laptop and some artworks in the TSL (TepT Sigmoid Laptop). then i realized that i got the 'ismah's graffiti that i havnt show her. so i called up her name,

Tept: 'ismah.. 'ismah..

'ismah: hurrm..?
Tept: familiar x?? *pointing at the graffiti
'ismah: haah.. familiar sgt.. haha..

she replied with a smile. =)


ANWAR: Assalamualaikum i bid to u all. lets see, how shall i continue. ah yes.. after that we with Anis, Irn and Alif head to the bookshop and bought a Pharmacology book. Irn paid for our book and also the mineral water. *thanx much Irn!* then we head to the mosque with Alif to perform our Zohor prayer. then we head to the Pharmacology department to meet prof. Aza. we talked about drugs and stuff. its really tiring. the we head straight to the biochemistry department cuz its already 2 o'clock and we got presentation to do..!!

by the biochemistry department, something hapened. Alif and Amira are presenting the same topic..! they both gonna present about Cholestrol. at 1st i was to be put all the blame so i had to explain. then they decided to divide equally their presentation. and there is some more files that need to be burn into the disk. so, i opened my laptop. and we settled the burning stuff.

after all d burning had settled, Amira said smthing to me.

Amira: strange wallpaper.

Anwar: haha..
Amira: what is it?
Anwar: its actually a name of a girl.
Amira: who is this girl?
Tept: here, her name is written.
Amira: ahh.. i see..
Tept: haha.. i had it designed by myself. why is it weird?
Amira: hurrmm.. *no answer*
Azhari: she is somewhere in this room.
Amira: where is she?
Azhari: somewhere here.
Amira: which one?
Azhari: i'm not telling u.
Amira: u must have love her, cuz u got her name on ur wallpaper.
Azhari: hurmm.. no. not yet.
Amira: hahaha..

then we are called into the room to do our presentation. i dont know why, but i got really nervous. i had to talk to Anis to soothe ma mind and let the nervousness gone away. when its time for me to present, haha, the presentation is just for less than a minute..!! so much effort for a minute.

sterane nucleus: our presentation is about this stuff, and focused on sex hormones

after that we with Anis and Irn head to d CC to torn off all d poster on d wall, and we had lunch at Ahmad's. we walked home together and had ice cream by Misr Halawiyat. Irn bought us ice cream. *thanx again Irn..!!* huhu..

all are with laughter =D


AZHARI: Assalamualaikum wbt.. lets see, it may be kinda weird cuz with all the happiness, smiling and laughter, how come that the day ends with a cry??

lets see, after we got back from the Misr Halawiyat and finishes up our ice cream, we perform the Asar prayer and had some nap. on Maghrib we solat again and recite the Quran. after that we decided to check out blogger. i read posts about Palestine. people do really really care about them. its kinda sad, but we got to be strong. read these post of
yadiy, mirrah atika, and kak intan. after reading the post of kak intan, we perform Isya' prayer and recite the Quran again. we cried.

it ends with a thousand reason for the tears. =(

that is all from us, thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

penghantaran rakyat palestin ke syurga beramai-ramai


penuh segala berita, akhbar, radio, internet, serta Y!m dengan berita2 ttg saudara kita di Palestin sana.

kita melihat gambar mereka yg syahid,

kita terasa sedih,

dlm solat pula kita teringat akan mereka,

maka dlm doa kita,

kita ingat akan mereka.

masa makan pulak,

teringat pulak ngan diorg nih..

mungkin mkn dlm ktakutan,

mkn pn x cukup,

mkn x sedap,

mkn x bersih,

meskipun begitu,

mereka tabah utk terus berjuang demi membebaskan tanah islam palestin!!

Allah syg betul dgn kita semua, kita sebagai umat islam di muka bumi ini.

kita lihat pula pada pihak israel,

Allah sayang mereka x?

adakah sifat Ar-rahman dan Ar-rahim Allah memayungi kehidupan mereka?

mereka sangat kejam. betul2 sangat2 kejam.

lihat saja gambar2 rakyat palestin yg dibunuh dengan kejam.

hatta wanita dan kanak2 pn dibunuhnya,

sekali pandang,

kusangkakan Dajal al-masih dh turun.

cuz mcm kejam sgt je israel nih..

ya Allah, apelah dosa2 umat islam di palestin ni ya Allah,

banyak sungguh dosa ku ini sehinggakan rakyat palestin jd cmnih,

dosa ak sgt bnyak,

umat islam bkannyer bersatu sbg 1 unit spt yg spatutnya,

kalo x,

tentu hancur israel..

bnyak anak2 kecil kehilangan ayah.

bnyak juga yg kehilangan mak,

bnyak lagi yg kehilangan nyawa.

bnyak ayah yg hilang anak,

bnyak mak yg hilang anak,

bnyak sgt yg hilang org tersayang.

setakat blog ni di updatekn.

ni berita yg ku dapat. melalui Y!m

"buat pertama kalinya roket yg dilancarkan oleh pejuang hamas sampai shngga 50km ke israel dan askar israel yg mati tlh melebihi 50 orang setakat ni- askar israel telah menggunakan semua senjata yg mereka miliki dlm memerangi pejuang-pejuang palestin ( kecuali nuklear ) - semoga kemenangan berada dipihak islam...takbirr..ALLAHUAKBAR "

"Mangsa perang Israel meningkat ke angka 854 syahid, 3681 mengalami kecederaan. 50% mangsa yang cedera adalah kanak-kanak dan wanita. 400 dari jumlah tersebut mengalami kecederaan yang kritikal. "

"Kasih syg Allah xkn dirasa tnpa ujian,xkn dirasa kehambaan tnpa mnjt,xkn dirafa keinsfn tnp mhsbh,sbyk mn ujian Allah,sbyk itulh ksh syg-Nya kpd hmba-Nya,smg sntiasa dlm rhmat-Nya,jdkn sgla mtlmtmu hya utk Allah,mg disana ada nusrah dr-Nya"

boleh pulak israel pakai bom kimia. dh jd haram pn still pakai. tindakan PBB aper??

x de pape la.. nk harap ape dr diorg??

mmg cmtuh pn pndirian yahudi dr zaman dulu kala lg,

'org lain x leh pgg pistol, kami boleh pgg shotgun'

dalam kata lain,

'adalah salah utk kamu mnjadi ancaman utk kami, tapi adalah perkara yg betul utk kami mengancam dan mmbunuh kamu semua'

wahai umat islam,

marilah kita sama2 terus menyumbang utk kesejahteraan palestin.

sumbangkanlah harta, doa, masa, utk mereka..

ingt2 lah mereka selalu.

jgnlah kita pn asyik leka je ngan kemewahan dunia nih.

Allah al-Akbar, Allah al-Akbar, Allah al-Akbar..


Friday, January 9, 2009



i had watched a very wonderful movie for the past few days.

i wud say that this particular movie is really damn great.

it is about a girl named Juno who had sex with her boyfriend and got pregnant.

the story is not about how she got pregnant but its d difficulties that she felt while she was pregnant.

it is truly portrayed in this movie how difficult it is a mother to bear a child for 9 month.

because she was only 16 while being pregnant, she thought of many way to decide for her future son. with much circumstances, she finally decided to give away her baby to the people who wants to adopt a baby.

this movie thought me not to have sex before you are married, (its totally wrong to do so!)

not to feel ashamed of being different,

to love to only the one you loved,

to be with my future wife for her happiness,

to be supportive for your friends,

to think for the best way before acting.

its a very sad story with a lot of sacrifice made by Juno for the sake of her son happiness.

trust me,

even if your mother is a 16 year old girl,
she would love you so much.

the case happening in malaysia concerning with girls having abortion, its really is inappropriate and inhuman.

and about girls who drown her child by the toilet or pail, or just leave her new born baby by the drain, or one who tied up her belly with lot of fabric for not letting anybody know that she is pregnant, all this are nonsense.

people in malaysia esp the malays are really shameful to have pregnant belly before she is married. truth is, why shud everybody else care?
just have the baby. (but i'm not trying to say that you can freely have sex with your boyfriend!) .
just want to say,
rather than aborting the baby or to kill the baby after giving birth,
its better to do what Juno had done.

watch this movie and feel the sacrifice made by Juno.

rated : 4.7 star

Saturday, January 3, 2009

diriku ini cute kah??

TepT : kenyang

Anwar: bosan giler

Azhari: nak tido



terasa amat letih.. namun harus bersabar. by this week senantiasa asrama MARA nih mengalami blackout. amatlah x best kalau black out. nk study pn susah.

tdo je la yg bleh dbuat..


berkenaan tajuk post blog hari nih,
sbnarnya hal tsebut hanyalah sebuah tag yang dimana tag ialah tag adalah tag yg best..


1.Copy badge '2008 Cute's Blogger Award' untuk diltetakkan di blog anda.

2.Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.

this award was presented by adik mirrah attika.
she is a new on9 friend of mine. her blog is wonderful. she is a beautiful girl. she like this tagging stuff. that is all i noe bout her.

3.Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih pemenang seterusnya.

1. my height is 173.5 cm.
2. boleh bersajak, berpantun, melukis, menggraffiti, berpuisi, n edit gamba.
3. suke wat presentation
4. suke blanje org mkn
5. susah nak pilih utk beli kasut, baju, seluar, atau apa2 pakaian utk diri sendri,
tapi amat mudah utk bli mknn utk diri sendri dan rakan2

6. suka masak sedap2
7. suka minum MILO
8. suka melakukan aktiviti skipping
9. rekod utk wat double skipping bturut2 ialah 85 kali
10. x de gurlfwen.

4.Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda.

1. kepala kotak - icon tercomel
ilya sofia - lil red ridin hood yg comel
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

ice cream for welcoming 2009!!


selamat tahun baru,

happy new year,

kullu sanah wanta thoiyyibin,

its a wonderful start of new year,

this year is different because we did'nt even feel any difference between 2008 and 2009.

d only thing that i cud c that is that there are smokes comin out from our mouth while were talking.

its like shish.

is it getting colder here in egypt?

i think so,


never mind about the cold weather,


while hiding ourselves by the cold winter,

and sat near to the conventional heater,

while covering ourselves up with a saratoga, montaza or santamora,

and maybe we eat some spicy and hot foods,

we tends to carve for ice cream..!!


to welcome the year of 2009,

i wud like to make an Ice Cream Giving Day contest.


1.this is open for anyone living by the MARA hostel.
2.answer the questions that follow by your comments in the comment box and fill in the spaces below as creative as possible.
3. the question is,

  • on which floor does TepT, Anwar and Azhari lives by the MARA hostel??

  • I like ice cream because.....................(not more than 20 words).......................

send in ur comments now and win ice cream...!!

4. only 5 of the most creative wud won.
5. closing date is on friday, 8 pm.
6. rules and regulation apply.

Gud Luck..!!