Monday, April 26, 2010

my aim: to burn the excess fat in the lower 4 abs


lets do an experiment. this may be some helpful tips for you to start exercising to be in better shape. however, i'm not a medical proffesional or an expert in sports science. any medical help you may counsult your doctor. A better way to plan your diet, training and schedule you can click the link here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger



How can i get in a totally good shape before flying back to malaysia?


To get in shape with a fit body and appearance in 3 months time.
To obtain a tight 6-pax abs.
To burn out all the accesory fat located elsewhere in the body.
To fulfil the 4th Muwassafat Tarbiyah, el-Qawi al-Jism.


With a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and well planned routine, you can get in a totally good shape before flying back to Malaysia.


Manipulated variable: exercise, rest, and diet
Responding variable: stamina, power, speed, body shape, total physical appearance (muscle size, excess fat, etc.)
Constant variable: individual participating in this experiment.

List of Apparatus and Materials:

Premiere Gym apparatus or Classy Gym apparratus (dumbells and barbells in home would work too), food high in carbohydrates, protein and fibre, weighing scale, mirror, calendar, and watch.

Technique used:

by having adequate exercise, rest and diet, we would obtain an increase of stamina, power, speed, body shape, and total physical appearance.


1. renew your purpose (tajdid el-niat) that what you are doing is for Allah SWT, so that you would have a better health to fulfil your obligations toward Him.
2. start by weighing yourself with the weighing scale and look for excess fat that you want to get rid off from your body.
3. aim for the excess fat part of your body that you want to get rid off and the muscle that you want to build up.
4. go to the gym, workout for at least 1 hour, 4-5 times a week with the supervision of a trainer.
5. walk to the campus and have a 30-40 minutes jog, 2-3 times weekly by the beach (from camp caesar to sidi gaber, stanley bridge and return)
6. take breakfast everyday, have a lunch as usual, and reduce the food intake during dinner. make sure that your diet have adequate amount of carbs, protein, and fibre. Decrese the take of fast food and oily food. Plus, like our Prophet's teaching, make sure that you don't get too full or too hungry.
7. have a rest for at least 6-7 hours of sleep. this will help you regain your energy to continue your routine for the consequent day.
8. schedule your timetable after the first week, make sure that your activities is done regularly.


1. do not strain youself forcefully in the gym. watch these tips for men, and for women.
2. fat by the pectoral region would be use for metabolism lastly in our body and the abs region first. jogging, which uses our quads (the biggest muscle) would seriously help in burning extra fat in our body. (refer here)
3. make sure that you have a supervisor by the gym or a friend or two to help you wih your workout.
4. while jogging, make sure that you only uses your nose to breathe in and breathe out. this will keep your body heat inside your body and avoid excess loss of energy.
5. do not eat such a heavy carb meal after 7 pm. this will totally collects fat and reduces your metabolism.
6. drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day or 8-12 glasses everyday. do not drink carbonated water such as Coca-Cola, 7 up, Pepsi, etc. as this type of drink supplies you with enourmous quantity of sugar that will directly be turned in to fat around your belly and buttocks.

Presentation of Data:

Look at the mirror and weigh yourself, feel good? if not, continue your routine. if yes, continue your routine.


By having a regular adequate exercise, rest and diet, we would obtain an increase of stamina, power, speed, body shape, and total physical appearance. However, more time may be needed to have the body shape we desire.


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