Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some sacrifice which droves my fear and jealousy away


this is part 4. you can choose to read the previous part 3, part 2, and part 1.

this is a post that only few of my friends can tell the real deal of my writing. but with a lot of this kind of post written and careful deciphering, anyone can tells them.

right from arriving in KLIA, my temptation was bound to seek jealousy. jealousy of wealth, health, posession, price, value and everything that matters in this very round world. during the holly month i confront my jealousy and tell the adjective that my temptation might be better with jealousy. however, jealousy wouln't want to be with my temptation.

as how i planned it to be, that is how what had happened. and i'm very glad that it happened.

so with my jealousy driven away by itself and fear that keeps me company all the time, the temptation is comfortable with having fear just where it want them to be. comfort enough, but then, by time, my temptation had met with sacrifice. the one adjective that most people dont even see from the beginning. but i had started to deal with it.

and as how much my temptation works with its jealousy, sacrifice had played its role. i was thinking of giving temptation a space to chill for a while but already sacrifice had to be made. with sacrifice, i think that everything that i do would be more in-line and less chaotic.

dont sure how it would work out with this sort of sacrifice. but my temptation is not driven by any means of jealousy now. which is, a very good thing indeed.

sacrifice is much more of a burden compared to being feared or to feel really jealous. because sometimes it may require some bloodbath.

i am neither relief, satisfied, nor happy.

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Anonymous said...

After sacrificing, there is usually happiness. Give yourself time to think it over thoroughly.