Friday, September 17, 2010

broken compromise


buai buai laju laju,
sampan kolek mudik di tanjong,
seru sampai memang begitu,
tampak kacak terus terlopong.

ape aku merepek nih??

okeyh.. x pe..
yg atas tuh td cuma selak intai (sneak peek) kepada koleksi pantun yang akan diutuskan pada minggu hadapan..

buat masa ini, terimalah sedikit penulisan dalam bahasa inggeris.

Rush of Bliss

I wake up early in the 5 and I press F5,
and to see something that is so fine,
a little work of art that seems just like mine,
sometimes it hurts like Valencia's broken ankle* (owh my!).

So I would just continue on this track,
turning into a warrior and fight back,
when I return home you'll see,
that I'll be a knight in a shining cuisse.

But I can't make anything a promise,
cause I'm now affected by the rush of bliss,
as I may turn this into a crushing battle,
turn out it may be you to win in this fable.

And before all we must break the ice,
so that we would have a little compromise.


Sigh~ dh brape lame ak tinggalkan kajang?

*for video, click this link.

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