Wednesday, May 12, 2010

jealousy bounds temptation from hearing his intuition


this is part 3. continuation of part 2 which continues from part 1.


my temptation haven't spoke for a while now. while my fear is like long gone. however maybe fear is just being shy. this crap could make me crack up. just before, as how i could remember, my temptation could work well with fear. the fear even support me. but nowadays, its like fear has gone. disappear. thinned.

inawkwardly, my occasionally weird temptation still are bounded by jealousy. the strongest adjectives yet to be discovered by me. its like jealousy had been here forever. its hard for temptation to move on with senses when it comes to making decision. i hate it, that i can't just throw away this jealousy and let my temptation be free.

so now that temptation is bounded by jealousy, eventhough its unclear, but still, its somehow rather awkward that what intuition had spoken remains unheard by this lone temptation. deaf perhaps? while somehow should be, that intuition is the closest to the temptation that are just playing along with no one taking care of.

so basically, how this temptation is going to act now is simple. fear would not drive this temptation away, because in a weigh of jealousy and fear, jealousy surely have the upper hand. on the contrary, intuition's voice keeps getting louder. perhaps someday this temptation would be free of jealousy and follows its intuition.

*x faham kan? thats the point

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Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

susahnya keadaan ko...
xpe... x yah pikir sgt... focus midterm ni dulu...

rabbuna maak