Monday, July 19, 2010

piece of heart muscle that dries later on


this is a good morning.
i woke up early despite the fact that i went to bed so late yesterday.

what happen is that,
few months ago,
there was this piece of muscle,
a heart muscle, that belonged to me.

to this thing was an abnormality,
people call it AVN duality.

so i said,
"OK, i got something awesome going on with my heart."
but at the same time,
"owh sh*t, im going to die early."

so then i stood up,
try to do things that i love most.

then i went to a lot of travelling, eating, and cooking.
i had such a great time.

then stood this girl,
she showed me that somehow, you can do good, even if you have little time.
and plus, she made me feel kinda warm actually, eventhough not much that i felt.

and so later on,
i got an idea.

to survive from this AVN duality,
i cut off my heart and gave it to her.

a portion, u might say, of my heart.

yup, just a portion. the abnormal portion.
i used to live with this portion
till i'm mature enough to think the best for myself and others as well.

so i continue to live.

i started to heal by time.

and yeah,

I healed.

however, she is not capable of keeping my heart as it is, so,

the portion of my heart that were with her,
it dries to become sand, then it blows with the wind.
when it touches the wall, it turns to blood and stain the wall.
then when we touches the bloodstain it turns to water.
the water adhere to our hand and later on it evaporates,
leaving dusts of salt on the tips of our finger.

lick it. its not sweet, its salty.

so i confirmed, it is salt.

sadly, it was a portion of my heart.


aindah wardah said...

kalau wat kibdah goreng kan best..
gurau je..

anwar azhari said...



helwa kedah.

Syafinaz Alizaini said...

ada peribahasa hati masin x? heh

anwar azhari said...

hati kering ade kot.

berkaitan dgn genjur (mcm daun @ rambut kering, @ keras hati)


hati masin.. x jmpe lg dlm kamus dewan edisi ke4

hanif hafiz said...

hati bukan jantung..jantung ayam penah la dengar..makan pun sedap..lenguh2 masticatory muscle

cha'a said...

sand, water, blood, dusts, saltiness... speaks for the nature of the human itself. poetic btulla dy nih. :)