Wednesday, July 14, 2010

masih lagi tentang obsesi diriku sendiri


Ought to be together

Owh my sweet enchanted love,
how can this be forbid while I'm just nineteen,
we ought to have our time together,
just wait till I get back to malaysia.

This ought to be the first chapter,
as far as I can see it,
we may end up being together,
so girl lets fight for it, push it till we make it,
to write our stories on till happily ever after.

I'd been missing you much,
I know you too,
you ought to be my first crush,
owh wait, told you too,
from a crush to chaste, to be filled with lust,
this is a vastation,
it just waits for our action.

Gracias God looking up from heaven,
I pleed to make this bond eternal,
don't care how the script would go, just make it happen,
I just want her to be by my side,
even in the dirt, or up in the sky,
starting from the moment she became my bride.

Now a fantasy, to be sigh,
but none of them a joke,
because you're still in my mind.

semakin rancak menulis puisi.
walaupun tanpa dedikasi,
apapun ku susun sepuluh jari,
pohon maaf, atas serba-serbi.


toxicmegacolonparalyticileuscobblestonecrohn'sdiseasebowmann'scapsule i'm ethical said...

ak harap A. samad Sa-id(takut ko igt say dlm past tense) tatengok post ni

anwar azhari said...

aku harap cmtuh gak.