Sunday, May 16, 2010

unwanted thoughts under my glasses 3: its bathatah, not bathotis


it has been a very frustating day. i have to alter my pathology assignment and redo my parasitology assignment. i can alter, but to do a new topic that is completely a different thing than before? give me a break.

luckily, i got great friends to support me all the time. thanks to iman, izul, irna, aina atiqah, ili, anis, iylia, ilya, and ayu. you guys are so great! i almost felt lost to this vast defeat. but then, irna pushes me back up and aina quote something wonderful;

"besar lagi ujian, besar lagi nikmatNya"

so with this damn frustration, i figure that i really need to let this go. like, LET GO!! so as usual, as how afiq faiz and i always do, we are going to cook. and the dish for today is mee rebus. yeahh~ awesome!!

to make a mee rebus, you need to have sweet potato. not a potato with a bad circulation, but a sweet potato. so i went to the market and search for it. but i dont know what is sweet potato in arabic is, so i asked.

"ana aiz hagah zai bathotis lakin ahmar wa thowiil, ana ma'arafsyi ismuhu eh.."



but they didn't have it so i went to the other shop and i saw bathatah and so i bought them. later then while i was squeezing myself out from the mama arabs, i saw a malay girl. eh? jibah.

then, i figure something out. people say that you can find beautiful and cute girls anywhere. but if you want to find one with good understanding of her religion, go to the mosque. if you want to find one that is all fun and party, go to a club. and if you want to find one that is a good cook, go to the market??

haha.. jk.

so this is what is my unwanted thoughts under my glasses. till next time.


hanif hafiz said...

ok..pengaruh si oren..dah meresap

afiQFaiz said...

the gravy was too thick~
i could say ~ bolognese melayu?? XD

anwar azhari said...


anwar azhari said...

n how cud we left out belachan??

afiQFaiz said...

dun think so, belacan is shrimp.. different element of from the beef.
they won't blend with each other.

AnAk iBu said...

kalo jupe kat c4? kuat shopping?

anwar azhari said...

its not d matter of from what its made up of, but d matter of how it taste..

n ak dh tambah belachan kat kuah smalam.. n yes, rasa dye mmg sama dgn yg ayah ak wat..


ya, barangkali. tp ak meragui.. x brape benar..