Tuesday, May 11, 2010

unwanted thoughts under my glasses: bad hair day


its a beautiful month of May and everything is going on so fine. but i cant figure the infection that i caught. yup, i had been coughing and sneezing a lot. eh wait, no sneezing. just coughing. what trickles me is that i can see no one else is having this complication. its like the disease really had only chose me to be infected. well, there goes 2 day of my lectures.

on the contrary,
all of you that are living by the area of camp saezar may hav notice the shortcut from camp saezar to the college. what great about the short cut is that, u can save 5 minutes of walking, rather if u take the road from the gamaah tram.

plus, there is a small bakery shop that sells croissant and pizza. there are 2 choices of croissant, chocolate or cheese. and a very tasteful pizza indeed. and its so cheap! its just for a geneh rubu'!! and do i need to repeat that they are awesome!! and furthermore to be said that if u r a gurl, how lucky u r cuz u can move from ur old house to be nearer to the bakery shop. yup, that's right. a fren of mine that live there are having a tough time with the landlord. cuz its summer, and so therefore they increase the rent. and so to lower the burden, they are accepting new housemates~! if i were a gurl, i would be this kind of exited when i heard this news.

yeayy for housemates (nazli)!

and im very proud to announce that its my bad hair day. i noticed that pple are looking at me with a weird faces. nope, they wudnt be looking at my eye, they r looking above my eye to my hair. n this is whut they said:

Sitch 1;
Dude I: pehal ngan rambut ko?!!
Dube II: ntah lar..??

Sitch 2;
Me: rambut aku bersepah ker?
Gurl I: haah, bersepah. ko x sikat ker?
Me: x

Sitch 3;
Me: Assalamualaikum prof..
Prof: what happen to your hair??!! why is it all standing up like that? i hate it! all of your appearance is ok, but ur hair, urghhh~ get a comb and comb ur hair nicely!!
Me: ...

well, the reason for this messed up hair is that i just wanna try the out-of-bed look that are so popular in japan and i had heard this quite a few times. what i did is that i place my hair gel before going to sleep and then i went to bed. the next morning, whatever would be, would be. (Que sera sera)

so this is how i look with the out-of-bed style

so i learned,

1. u shud move to a place near to a nice bakery shop
2. never drink tap water
3. use a shortcut to saves time
4. dont do the out-of-bed hairstyle again


signing out.
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hanif hafiz said...

busuk tak mandi

anwar azhari said...

ak mandi ngn shower cap..

aQilaAini said...

hahahaahahhahahaha!!! ;D

maybe kena tegakkan lagi kotttt ;p