Friday, May 14, 2010

unwanted thoughts under my glasses 2: big brother is watching you!!


its a very quiet morning.
usually the beach would be filled with malaysians running here and there.
but it seems that no one wants to jog today.

*d4"^, i left my glasses at joker's*
nowadays we could see more graffiti are painted all over the walls and concrete pavements by the beach.
they would say something like:

"would you be pleased if this is your sister?" refer here

this graffiti was meant to be read by the guys. because at first, as in, sejak azali, men were to take care of girls. morover if she is the sister or wife or mom or grandma or anyhthing for that matter.
and so, a guy should be also be responsible for his friend a.k.a. girlfriend that he is currently dating. as for so, suppose if a glimpse of thought sparked from the guy's mind that says. "owh sh*t, i really shouldn't be doing this. honey, lets go home"
then it should be great (i think) that they wont be messing around by the beach no more.

but then, (here is where it gets tricky)
the girls are then so.. hurmm.. i cant find the right english word for GEDIK!!
as the first graffiti didn't work because the girl would still be pleased with the guy dating him, talk funny jokes, hugging by the beach, kissing each other (aww..#$%&) and much else.
and so another graffiti was painted and it says:

"Big Brother is watching You!!"

as this one totally was dedicated to the ladies, cuz then arghhh~ do i really need to explain..

im tired.

kepalakotak had post this thing before.

im gonna eat some breakfast.

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