Tuesday, March 30, 2010

teman sekampung


bayangkan, anda mencintai seseorang, yang telah berpunya. bukannya dah kawin pun. cuma, mereka ada buat janji untuk bersama. hanya kerana mereka telah dibesarkan bersama di kampung halaman yang sama, bersekolah di tempat yang sama, serta yang lainnya.
jadi ini untuk anda semua, yang kepingin akan orang lain punya.

Puspawangi from Kodiang Village

At first a gaze,
a phase
that can't be phrased.

but then a smile,
for just a while,
all gone, the vile.

but with stories thick as crust,
crashing all these vast lust
into specks of dust.

how absurd,
as the past feelings can't be turned,
into something never been heard.

why can't those past stories
and memories
be erased like the melodies
that I'd written though they're bliss?

in this pain
I'm acting a mere vain
to walk in this lane

I'll stop acting like a thief,
and leave,
if you believe
that you're destined to live
with him.

my heart is dry
with no rain from the sky
thus I cry
along with a heavy sigh.

I shall never accept
the mere concept
in which you had adapt to.
because you know
that I love you.


indah sungguh Malaysia


Octy/Sotong Kurita said...

& I honestly think this piece of poetry is well written. Lets hope for more to come! :)

fiDa yO said...

i lyke it too!