Monday, March 8, 2010

revelling in energy that everyone's emitting


the start of a new semester is kinda bored. it hasn't heat up yet.
so i figure that it might be well to do a post right now. yeah, sure. why not?
the part with the light grey fonts can be skipped. its nothing important.

poetry is now with a new font and a new code. -code purple
but with the same taste, its all just a lame poetry from me.
if you're intrested in poetry then go ahead and read it.
if any of these words is new to you don't be so shy to grab a dictionary.
if the phrase is all so damn the effing confusing then go ahead and leave me a question by the comment below.
if my poetry sucks, then just say it. either directly to me, through instant message, comments, or email.
if i said too much if and now my post sounds like richard rudyard kipling's poem, then skip this grey fonts.
if only i would find anyone that would sincerely criticize my writings. that would be great.
if people could understand some of the secrets that i share through my writings, then all my secrets would be exposed.
if only the beloved in my poetry read my poetry, that would be nice. sigh~
btw, if you see anything awkward in my writing, that is what i call appreciating beauty.
artists of all sorts did it.

Quilling under thy aura

Persona is,
what the persona are.
Me shy to thee,
as I'm full of mar.

Nile is now a dark scene,
just as how the night are.
Flowing kindly and humbly,
plus mysterious you are.

Being around thy circumference,
quilling by the means of thy aura.
When your complexion dimmed,
so as my power.

The subjects tries to tell thee,
that we should be together.
In the night of sandy breeze,
clearing clouds shone by our star.

I'm walking around in ease,
passing around your area,
I'm feeling the heavy bliss,
whilst my heart pounds a raging fire.

This sounds like what absurd is,
its awkward, compliment by a vast bizarre.
While being a doctor wannabe,
I'm acting like a fighting soldier.

This world always are in peace,
yet we are lusting on our desire.
With a strong believe that you and me,
happens to be another chasteful lover.

Anwar Azhari
0900 GMT +2


owh yeah. im tagged by hanani akmal.
so here it is.

so, the reason for this wallpaper is simple.
cuz its d picture of me, writing in the middle of nowhere. and that seems kinda cool. or not?
either way, i am so lucky that i didnt get tagged during my brainstorming time cuz then some of u guys @ gurls might see your pic in my wallpaper. and why? because im writing about u guys lah.. dur.. and im not in the mood to tag anyone.


AnAk iBu said...

okeh. bagus.

nadeiya said...

puisi awak best2.
x daftar
share ur poem dgn semua orang di situ.