Friday, March 19, 2010

spontaneous script


sigh, how come that in each and every phase of a lover's desire compliments with something that is called lust, but that is bound and expected to happen because none of the being in the world have the ability to defy the Almighty and so by starting and bounded by nothing, Allah had design us to be in this world.

as so, in a lover's desire there would be jealousy that would be ruining a relationship or worse, a friendship because hearts shouldn't be able to pursue together something that is binded with ego and thus, a massive cold ice screening the surface of faces in which only either one of us would breath under the air we desire.

we should be relieved by choices, that comes and goes each and everytime the world cycles under its orbit and circles too the moon and the sun as how Allah had made it so from the beginning of the skies that is practically is beyond the reach that no one in our own knowing had grasp something so bizarre, and vast.

how come that would be love? while somehow chastity plays its part with the mixing of lustful desire and all the world would know that the north and the south pole attracts, even in being an exact opposite being as how we are created to be, destined to be, and this is for you, my love, i'm holding my anticipation of you.



Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to say this,maybe its a sign to say that if you're encountering all those following hardship along the way, the relationship you're seeking might be not worth the effort?

Of course,thats just my 2 cents on the matter.

hUr said...

that might be true zalikha. but then again, love without hardships should not be called love. it's when you manage to went through all the hardships, and you're love is still strong, now that is what love is all about. life is full of tests. what makes love as an exception.

then again, it's just a mere opinion from me. whatever it is, never give up, if you're doing a good thing. allah will show you the way.insyaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Ah,but Hur what if its unrequited love? If love is all about overcoming hardships,making love stronger and all that,what if it is one-sided, then what is the point of it all?

Yet, I agree with you that Allah will show us the way - if we're willing to overlook the emotions and focus on the logic of the situation :)

hUr said...

ahh, i see what you mean.
unrequited love. now that is a complicated one. . but if it's worth the trying, for someone really special, not just anyone, why not?

at the end of the day, allah already determined "the one". so, whoever it is, it is just a matter of time. yup2. overlook the emotions. couldnt agree more. :p

anwar, maafkan kami kerana menjadikan ruangan ini untuk berdiskusi. :)

anwar azhari said...

owh, nvrmind..

my blog hd never been a forum b4.

thanks for all d inputs u gurls gv me. very nice indeed.