Monday, March 22, 2010

hatred written. (part 1)

CAUTION: some words used are explicit and parenteral advisory may be required. but don't worry and fear not, as the words are written in white, and unless you want to read them, you may highlight it yourself. this is not a regular poem with good rhythm and a wise use of words. in fact, its not a poem at all, but they are hatred, written on a piece of blog post. but i had change all the explicit words into something cheerful, so no worrries. =)

Part 1- She came to tell me that you 'coloured' her.

she comes to me with a bursting tears,
i quickly grab her and wipe her fears,
i wait a moment to take a guess
of what is happening now?

so i hold her head and pat for calmness,
i gulp my saliva in this heroic verse,
and then her cry is even less,
so i ask her would you talk to me now?

she snorted in her big mucous,
but i can still see some more by her nose,
i use my thumb to wipe her eyes,
and say 'hey, look me in the eye'.

i ask her why?, what happened?,
she told me that she had been coloured.

then i say 'what the smore?!'
she said '...' nothing, she cried some more.
burst into anger i ask 'who did this?!'

she tried to answer but her voice is stuck.
she cough a little and begin to talk.

and she said 'hanif roslan..'
i said barn that hanif roslan,
isn't he the one from Kelantan?
she said no not that hanif roslan,
this hanif roslan just came back from afghanistan.

i said 'what the truck?! that man?!'
'isn't he your cycling ex-boyfriend?'
'how dwell he come and colour my girlfriend'
'owh flower dandelions that lily ash hole'

i asked her how did this happen?
she said he just grab her and let it happen.

i said thats all nonsense.
she said i cant do anything but to be innocent. (what?)
why cant you fight back, why are you so desend?

she said that he's too strong,
and he got chlorofoam,
i'm not a man from bandung,
and he is not from rome,

i kinda have lost my rhyme,
but there is no more time,

i had postpone the post a while,
can't take no more hostile.

i let her go from my hug,
and said i'm freakking gonna kill that thug,
get his tentacles out of his score rythm,
and feels his own insolence from my mayhem.

she said just let it go away
you cant do anything anyway.

whilst her speak made me flared up high,
i think im gonna kill that guy,
how dare he touch my girl's thigh, (n much else)
i burst into anger that i cant deny,
my heart is condensed and its so lily dry,
i know you're just going to hue and cry,
and i cant just let this guy go and fly,
because now that he broke the rules implied,
i'm going to smash that jerk like a fly!
so i say to my honey pie,
hey my dear, goodbye.
i'm off to Brunei.

part 2 will continue on thursday