Sunday, March 7, 2010

kasut sang musafir membawa mata melihat dunia!


credits to: Muhammad Anis Rosli, Ahmad Sayuti and Faiz Kader.
also starring Zalikha Ismail Zulkifli

this is the 3rd day of the Luxor-Aswan trip. last night egypt was down to England by 3-1. the cruise now stopped by Kom-Ombo. theres no much bizarre thing for me as im in no intrest of stony sculptures by the ancient egyptians.

however, there are a few things that i see as an eye opener.

1. Future Exploitation- my mind tickles to think about the tomb itself, where half of it were destroyed. it was badly preserved, there are also huge pillars here that was cut down in half or less. all these coz of why? cuz the stones are used to make a Sugar Factory during the time of Ali pasha. owh my.. Ali Pasha, what a sweet guy.

Muhammad Ali Pasha

some of the pillars which were cut down in half

2. Astronomy- we havnt seen the real thing yet but there's this one Pharaoh's sculptur in which the head part wud only be shone by the sun on the 22nd of February and October. means like they had already knew about all the movements of the sun, moon, stars, and all that from ancient ago.

3. Medicine- they (the archaeologist) actually found inscriptions about the tools of surgery that was used in ancient times and also there were stories of the surgical procedures that was carried out during the ancient era. how cool? next to the sculpture of surgical instruments they are pictures of 2 women. on top which is pregnant and below which is post-partum. hurrmm.. actually theres nothing much but i can totally see in which there are difference in the sculpture of lactating female breast and non-lactating female breast. Go Imhothep..!!

surgical instruments of ancient egypt

top is a picture of a pregnant lady whilst below shows the picture of a lady during puerperium

Imhothep conducted Vasectomy??!!

4. Nudity- why is that in some big sculture the women are totally pictured naked??! thank God, syukur alhamdulillah that our Prophets teaching's told us that the woman shud cover up their aurat and to wear a nice veil. speaking of veil, check out Zalikha. i literally was speechless when i saw her in the lecture hall just now. all i can say is, MasyaAllah.. how nice..

ancient Goddess are pictured nude- shame

5. Rapist- not just the russian singer, the God of ancient egypt is a rapist too.
named Amoun-Meen which pictured as a one hand and one legged man, plus, an erected penis, his story was so totally absured but amazing. during ancient era, by the time of Ramses II, all the men, including young boys are forced to go to war. and then one man, came back from the war (for the reason that i cudnt understand). a few times later, when the men came back from the war, they found out that they're many new children. despite the fact that they had gone to war for a very long time. so they accused that man earlier that went back from the war for raping all the ladies on the country(sounds kinda cool). he was sentenced by the King to be off with his hand and his leg. so, he is a one hand one legged man. after his death, he somehow became a God. moreover, with an erected penis, the symbol of fertility.
LOL. ancient egyptians God. they are much more of them, but i care less. sigh~

Amoun Meen- the God of Fertility
(he got the acknowledgement of being a God by raping@seducing
all the women in the country??)

6. Blogging- the Pharaoh's likes to blog too..!! they carved their stories all over the walls of their temples and houses, LOL..!! thats some ancient blog. thanks to the big stone carved with 3 languages in the British Museum (click the link to learn it yourself) for helping us out with the translation.

ancient blog are written in ancient writings, the Hieroglyphs.


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