Thursday, March 25, 2010

hatred written. (part 2)

CAUTION: some words used are explicit and parenteral advisory may be required. but don't worry and fear not, as the words are written in white, and unless you want to read them, you may highlight it yourself. but actually, there are none anyway.

part 2 - because you raped my girlfriend

*dark room*
*a few light from distance away, slips into the ventilation fan*
*rats circles around the room, making noises while chewing a lefted garbage*
*in the middle, lies a bed, and a man, called hanif roslan*

hanif groans in pain, his eyes were opened, but he can't move. he realize that his feet was tied to the bed.
upon his early conciousness, he asked himself, "what happened?"
"my god, why am i here, what is this place?!"

he tried to remember the last thing that happened to him. and he remembered.
he was at a mamak restaurant alone to watch a late football match. after the game, he got to his motorcycle, starts the engine, and cycles home. but then, something from a distance flew towards him, a huge vase, probably, thrown by someone in the dark. he immediately collapse and screetch himself with his bike 40 meters away.

"i remember now!" he said.
while holding the enourmous pain he is having, he tried to move, but failed. because his left leg was wasted, and his right leg is tied to the bed. his left elbow joint was also wasted, but he can still move the fingers, but than would only make him cries tears of blood.

but that is not all, as after a while his pupil dilates even more, and he could see better and clearer, he came to an absolute shock. both of his testicles are taken out from his scrotum. he moarns loudly in pain. he tried to hold his testicles and to put it back into his scrotum, but to touch them, was a pain that couldn't be described by words. only his facial tears and wrinkles in a complex form could means it.

and breaking the silence, a television by the corner of the room. the image was badly distorted, a face in white mask appears.

"welcome to your own doom, this may be the place where you would end your miserable life and maybe if you survive you're going to continue your life in a less joissance way. so now we are going to play a game. you already noticed that your testicles were removed, but they're still innocently attached to your body by the semineferous tubules and your blood vessels. in other words, your testicles is still a living part of your body. but bare in mind that any sudden movement you make would seriously injure them and if it is serious enough, they, would, snap.

roslan is crying freakkingly hard now. he can't even focus himself to listen to what the man in white mask said to him.

the white masked man continues, "now that you have your dignity hanging off from your soul, i suggest you listen carefully. by the corner of the room, there's a needle and a surgery thread than u can use to sow back your testicles back into your functionless scrotum.
the idea is that you must be quick, as in 6 minutes or less, your piece of cremaster muscle would be wasted, and your imbecile life would totally perish."

"good luck"


.mell. said...

You forgot to say, "I wanna play a game...." :D

under the sky said...

luv d highlight idea