Friday, January 1, 2010



strayed motive

we keep on moving ahead.
and yet, we should stop sometime,
because we may get tired on the way.

we keep on moving ahead.
even if there are fools upon our way,
acquainted, and let the imbecile go.

we keep on moving ahead.
making fool out of our self,
and made the fool to be of others as well.

why bother moving on?
you're telling something unimportant,
let your motives stray away from the competent.

lets make this a fight.
a fight to determine,
if you really want to be on the top
and if you really want to win.

you make all the other losers
just by standing on your own
and making lame your name.

let us pray that 2010 would be a difference.. pray that Allah SWT would give the best to all of us.
keep on praying that things would always seems easy for us. even though it may burdens others.
and live on.. for the year ahead..