Wednesday, December 30, 2009

another year, a new one. 2010


a decade ago,
i was a child.

i remember that there was all sort of functions, exhibitions, fairs, competitions and much more
to celebrate the year of millenium.

we imagine that by this millenia, we should already have flying cars, jets with 3 times sonic speed,
laser guns, lightsabers, teleporting machine, phones of shape we never even imagine, and much else.

and theres more that we imagine, like sky high highways, people traveling in vacuum tubes as in
the hospital, flying skateborad ridden by any particular body by the streets, skyscrapers
which is almost covered by clouds at all places.

getting deeper and to imagine more, we might even be able to live on the moon.

but thats the story, better yet imagination of 10 years before. where our art teacher told us,

"OK kids, today i want all of you to imagine what would the millenium year looked like. and draw
them onto your paper"

FIY, i had to bought the A3 paper for 5 cent before i could draw. its worth it,
cuz what i imagine is that my father is driving a flying car with all my family inside that
fabulous looking car. and yes, of course, he drove it on the sky high highway.


and how about now?

10 years after imagining all these great pictures, we still havent made half of what we wished
to achieve. and yet, for some other things, we may had gotten more.

we may not have flying cars, but we got cars of high estethic values that everyone dreamed of.

we may not have sky high highways, but we sure got the SMART tunnel connecting some of the roads
i dont remember in KL to KLCC and Jalan Tun Abdul Razak(citation needed).

we may have not yet develop a paper thin handphone because it might have been lost too easily
but we do have iPhone, which for some reasons and sources declares it as the God of Phone.

and for more, we dont just live in a really tall steel and concrete building with glass bowl
as our roof but we still and always like it, to live in a simple terrace, semi-D, traditional
houses, and some lucky ones got to live in a bungalow. which is, i think, would be totally
more comfortable then a home made up of concrete heaten up by an digitaly pixeled fire
to replace the fireplace.


i dont know how my writing has gone right now,
but i still realize that i havent got out of my point.

cuz my point is, we still had to keep imagining ourself of a better future and work
our sweat to achieve it.

even as a teenager, i still imagine as i was when i was a kid.
and currently as a medical student,

i imagine the world would soon develop the medical technology and medical care so advance,
that treating a patient would be easy. and of course, i want to be there to see it.

be it 40 years or more from now on. i hope i'm there to see it.

happy new year 2010.

question: how would you imagine the future would be?

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farah_AJ said...

future shud be better than today....the sky shud have change