Wednesday, January 13, 2010

early winter morning


during winter, i hardly wakes up in the early morning. it may be because i slept late and moreover, the winter breeze in the morning is so meticulously great..!! i could hide in the saratoga all day. weeee~~~

your blooming lace

warming in the smoothest thickest afghan
snoring by the means of the winter chill
turning fan buzzing loudly in my ear

water tap drips by bit ticking me up

within moment i tried to fight desire

how it gently pat me with its soft fur

eyelashes hugs and feathers upon another

crunched up body deep in the late shadow

in blue you came whispering mellifluously
sleekness of your sleek drools my affection

they slips and showed me your blooming lace

which peels my canthus to bring me light



farah_AJ said...

deeply immersed into the morning scene, byknye perkataan canggih dlm ni~ waa

afiqfaiz said...

errh.. u r mentioning someone...the 3rd letter of alphabets..........

anwar azhari said...

thanks kak farah.

afiq: hurrmm.. how come? i did not dedicate this to anybody. someone here would like, a someone that falls from the sky perhaps