Thursday, January 1, 2009

ice cream for welcoming 2009!!


selamat tahun baru,

happy new year,

kullu sanah wanta thoiyyibin,

its a wonderful start of new year,

this year is different because we did'nt even feel any difference between 2008 and 2009.

d only thing that i cud c that is that there are smokes comin out from our mouth while were talking.

its like shish.

is it getting colder here in egypt?

i think so,


never mind about the cold weather,


while hiding ourselves by the cold winter,

and sat near to the conventional heater,

while covering ourselves up with a saratoga, montaza or santamora,

and maybe we eat some spicy and hot foods,

we tends to carve for ice cream..!!


to welcome the year of 2009,

i wud like to make an Ice Cream Giving Day contest.


1.this is open for anyone living by the MARA hostel.
2.answer the questions that follow by your comments in the comment box and fill in the spaces below as creative as possible.
3. the question is,

  • on which floor does TepT, Anwar and Azhari lives by the MARA hostel??

  • I like ice cream because.....................(not more than 20 words).......................

send in ur comments now and win ice cream...!!

4. only 5 of the most creative wud won.
5. closing date is on friday, 8 pm.
6. rules and regulation apply.

Gud Luck..!!


ADA said...

as demanded by u.. here it goes...............

anwar, tepet dan azhari tinggal di second floor........ huhuhu

next is, i like ice-cream because whenever i eat ice-cream i will remember the kindness of my best fren 4 being with me when i'm sad..

ija(katy) said...

of coz la tept,anwar n azhari duk kat tingkat2

i like ice cream because tept,anwr and azhari would like to buy it for me.huhu.

ahuyy~ said...

anda ditag..
tapi bukan..