Wednesday, December 31, 2008

winter with a summer breeze - TepT's rhapsody part 3



TepT: happy-er

just be happy of whatever,
then u'll b happy and happier,
be a Dr to make people healthy
while getting yourself wealthy
then u'll realize that u didnt suffer
as happy as how tept wud be,
thats when u'll fell d summer breeze
then anwar azhari is also me.

Anwar: Intelligence

anwar is always studying
not to forget to get his lips smiling
just be a person who is learning
to be a person of something
thats his way to be well-being
as tept and azhari always are living..

Azhari: Romance

azhari are to be loved
as high as the flying of d doves
though his heart always felt sore
just to think of it more and more
how to get our mind free?
if azhari keep being me?
then 1-1= 1+1
cuz in time i wud won
in d fight of black cats
by just meowing with voice everlast
and anwar follows as TepT


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