Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursday starts with smiles, goes with laughter, ends with a cry

TEPT: Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. today i will talk about the first chapter of this post which is 'thursday starts with smiles'. while Anwar will continue the story today with 'goes with laughter', and Azhari would summarize our post today with 'ends with a cry'.

just like any other thursday, we got histology and biochemistry practical class. people would just smile cuz its thursday.. and later on the next day would be friday. thats y everyone is so happy. on histology practical class, my laptop had gone all wrong. at 1st it cant read any thumbdrive. so, i had it restarted. later on, found out that the CD rom is jammed, so i had to restart it over again.

Irn, Anis, and Dieba, playing with TSL Crystal Eye (seriously on rating 1 to 10, how much u guys wud give??)

then later on i cud burn all the slides of presentation of biochemistry of group C into the CD. and we had a lil chat with Amira.

Amira: whom is this? *pointing at Datto- a biscuit filled with date
Anwar: its for u. everybody got it.
Amira: but i dont want it. u take it.
Anwar: no no no. just take it.
Amira: but, i dont eat dates.
Anwar: huh? i thought all arabs eat dates.
Amira: yes they do, but i dont like it.
Anwar: why?
Amira: cuz its high in clori
Anwar: huh?
Amira: its high is calorr
Anwar: whats that??
Amira: its high in calorie..
Anwar: owh..
Amira n Anwar: hhahahaha..

she just left the biscuit on the table. so i took em and it em with Irn.

then we played along with my laptop. Anis and Irn seems really intrested on my laptop and some artworks in the TSL (TepT Sigmoid Laptop). then i realized that i got the 'ismah's graffiti that i havnt show her. so i called up her name,

Tept: 'ismah.. 'ismah..

'ismah: hurrm..?
Tept: familiar x?? *pointing at the graffiti
'ismah: haah.. familiar sgt.. haha..

she replied with a smile. =)


ANWAR: Assalamualaikum i bid to u all. lets see, how shall i continue. ah yes.. after that we with Anis, Irn and Alif head to the bookshop and bought a Pharmacology book. Irn paid for our book and also the mineral water. *thanx much Irn!* then we head to the mosque with Alif to perform our Zohor prayer. then we head to the Pharmacology department to meet prof. Aza. we talked about drugs and stuff. its really tiring. the we head straight to the biochemistry department cuz its already 2 o'clock and we got presentation to do..!!

by the biochemistry department, something hapened. Alif and Amira are presenting the same topic..! they both gonna present about Cholestrol. at 1st i was to be put all the blame so i had to explain. then they decided to divide equally their presentation. and there is some more files that need to be burn into the disk. so, i opened my laptop. and we settled the burning stuff.

after all d burning had settled, Amira said smthing to me.

Amira: strange wallpaper.

Anwar: haha..
Amira: what is it?
Anwar: its actually a name of a girl.
Amira: who is this girl?
Tept: here, her name is written.
Amira: ahh.. i see..
Tept: haha.. i had it designed by myself. why is it weird?
Amira: hurrmm.. *no answer*
Azhari: she is somewhere in this room.
Amira: where is she?
Azhari: somewhere here.
Amira: which one?
Azhari: i'm not telling u.
Amira: u must have love her, cuz u got her name on ur wallpaper.
Azhari: hurmm.. no. not yet.
Amira: hahaha..

then we are called into the room to do our presentation. i dont know why, but i got really nervous. i had to talk to Anis to soothe ma mind and let the nervousness gone away. when its time for me to present, haha, the presentation is just for less than a minute..!! so much effort for a minute.

sterane nucleus: our presentation is about this stuff, and focused on sex hormones

after that we with Anis and Irn head to d CC to torn off all d poster on d wall, and we had lunch at Ahmad's. we walked home together and had ice cream by Misr Halawiyat. Irn bought us ice cream. *thanx again Irn..!!* huhu..

all are with laughter =D


AZHARI: Assalamualaikum wbt.. lets see, it may be kinda weird cuz with all the happiness, smiling and laughter, how come that the day ends with a cry??

lets see, after we got back from the Misr Halawiyat and finishes up our ice cream, we perform the Asar prayer and had some nap. on Maghrib we solat again and recite the Quran. after that we decided to check out blogger. i read posts about Palestine. people do really really care about them. its kinda sad, but we got to be strong. read these post of
yadiy, mirrah atika, and kak intan. after reading the post of kak intan, we perform Isya' prayer and recite the Quran again. we cried.

it ends with a thousand reason for the tears. =(

that is all from us, thank you.


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

talk 'bout having triple personality... nice post!

good to hear you had a good time...

kepalakotak said...

anda mempunyai sudut kotak yang pelbagai!