Saturday, January 31, 2009

tagged= merangkaikan, menyambung


kne tagged ngan Afiq aka Dople..


lupe lak..


well, afiq said tht he wantd to see all three of us (tept, anwar n azhari) doing this tag.

so here it goes..

1) who was ur last text from??
Anwar: etisalat.. i cudnt understand a thing..

2) where was ur default pic taken?

Tept: mini lecture hall at biochemistry department.

3) relationship status?

Azhari: single n dun wanna mingle

4) have u ever lost a close friend?

Anwar: hurrmm.. no i think.. just forget 2 say hi 2 each other

5) what is ur current mood?

Tept: mood 4 studying.. but im stuck with blogger

6) whats ur brothers name?

Anwar Azhari: Amir Azlan and Ahmad Azizi

7) favourite colour??

Azhari: mysterious purple,

Anwar: cool blue, and

Tept: hot rod red

8) where do u wish u were right now?

Azhari: Al-azhar university, studying tafsir al-quran

9) have a crazy side??

, Anwar, Azhari: we had 3 side already.. arent tht crazy enuf??

10) ever had a near death experience??

Azhari: yeah.. almost drowned at a swimming pool at pulau pinang. then an indian guy came 2 d rescue 2 help me. that indian dude was some awesome dude.

11) something u do a lot?

Tept: cooking and create a new recipe

Anwar: reading wikipedia

Azhari: thinking about d future

12) angry at anyone?

Tept: no

Anwar: hell yes

Azhari: no

13) whats stopping u from d person u like?

Anwar: its not yet d time.
Azhari: pengorbanan sbg seorang sahabat

14) when was d last tyme u cried?

Azhari: a few weeks ago, while reciting d quran

15) is there anyone u wud do anything for?

Azhari: mama ayah, n all my loving family

Anwar: eleleleleeehh...

Azhari: menda elele lak ko??

Anwar: yer la.. x kn famly jer kot..

Azhari: abis 2?? sape lg??

Tept: x de insan istimewa ker?

Azhari: mne de la weyh..
Anwar: hahaha.. yer la tuh..

Azhari: ak ckp x nk cayer.. btol r..
Anwar: what about **** and **** and ****??

Tept: n also **** and **** and **** and ****?
Azhari: haha.. mne der.. bnyak lak 2 name korg sebut.. mngarut jer korg.. kite smua kn single n dun wana mingle.. i said it by q no 3..

& Tept: ok.. ok..

16) what do u think about when u r about to fall asleep?

Azhari: i think bout my father and my mother

Anwar: i think about how comfort my saratoga is..

Tept: i think about d wrong things that i done.

17) who was d last person u talk 2 on d phone?

Azhari: ayah.. Dr Hj Abdul Karim bin Hj Tajudin (pict) n mama, Latifah bt Redah, n my 2 brothers(refer 2 q 6)

18) what r ur favourite songs??

TepT: refer 2 our profile on blogger

19) what are u doing right now?

Anwar: i felt stupid while trying to answer this question..

20) who do u trust right now?

Anwar: my frens around me of coz

21) where did u get d shirt ur wearing??

Tept: at school. im wearin the Lekir's house shirt.. cost me RM 8.. tribute 2 Jadu..!!

22) have u kissed someone in the past week?
Anwar: i kissed ******** in my dream, wud that count?

23) what is ur lucky number?? Azhari: 57.. its d number 2 great varieties, and it is also my birthday.

24) who are ur frens that are closest 2 u??

Tept: nezly sama, afiq faiz

Anwar: hashimi salleh

25) describe ur life in 1 word

Tept: SIGMOID....!!!!!!!!!

26) who are u thinking right now??

Tept: afiq faiz tht tagged me cuz my hands are really tired of typing right now...

27) what should you be doing rite now?
Anwar: study. nothing else

28) If you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now what would it be.

Anwar: syahid n Ainul Mardhiah (not ainul mardhiah ubaidillah but angle ainul mardhiah)
Azhari: kalo dpt Ainul Mardhiah Ubaidillah x kn ko x nk kot??

Anwar: hahaha.. bleh gak.. =P

29) what are u listening too?

Tept: zaihas wat bising

30) who was d last person who gave u a hug?

Tept: afiq faiz- cuz dye baru balik dr cairo n i miss him..

Anwar: ehh?? jawapan samer ngan tagger

Tept: abis 2?? mmg ktorg shati sejiwa..

Anwar: hahahha
Tept: hahahaha

31) who was d last person who yelled at you??

Anwar: ntah r.. ramai kot.. cuz tyme men bola td ramai giler bdak2 jerit2 mntak bola etc..

32) do u act differently around the person u like?

Azhari: yes.. cuz we got tachycardia, n all our physiological function starts 2 change.

33) what is ur natural hair colour?

34) who was d last person 2 make u laf??

Tept: furhan zamri.. cuz bnyak emoticon lawak kuar kat ym dye n he is beside me ryte now.

35) who do u wanna tag??

Tept: Ada cuz she just turned 19

Anwar: pass..

Azhari: Nur Amalina Abdul Rashid cuz dh lame dye x update blog..




afiQFaiz said...

salam~~ wahahaha.. so u did it.. 3 in 1 .. congratulations~~ i hereby to give u an invitation to the next round.. the death tag game..hehe

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

9) have a crazy side??
Tept, Anwar, Azhari: we had 3 side already.. arent tht crazy enuf??