Friday, January 9, 2009



i had watched a very wonderful movie for the past few days.

i wud say that this particular movie is really damn great.

it is about a girl named Juno who had sex with her boyfriend and got pregnant.

the story is not about how she got pregnant but its d difficulties that she felt while she was pregnant.

it is truly portrayed in this movie how difficult it is a mother to bear a child for 9 month.

because she was only 16 while being pregnant, she thought of many way to decide for her future son. with much circumstances, she finally decided to give away her baby to the people who wants to adopt a baby.

this movie thought me not to have sex before you are married, (its totally wrong to do so!)

not to feel ashamed of being different,

to love to only the one you loved,

to be with my future wife for her happiness,

to be supportive for your friends,

to think for the best way before acting.

its a very sad story with a lot of sacrifice made by Juno for the sake of her son happiness.

trust me,

even if your mother is a 16 year old girl,
she would love you so much.

the case happening in malaysia concerning with girls having abortion, its really is inappropriate and inhuman.

and about girls who drown her child by the toilet or pail, or just leave her new born baby by the drain, or one who tied up her belly with lot of fabric for not letting anybody know that she is pregnant, all this are nonsense.

people in malaysia esp the malays are really shameful to have pregnant belly before she is married. truth is, why shud everybody else care?
just have the baby. (but i'm not trying to say that you can freely have sex with your boyfriend!) .
just want to say,
rather than aborting the baby or to kill the baby after giving birth,
its better to do what Juno had done.

watch this movie and feel the sacrifice made by Juno.

rated : 4.7 star

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