Monday, November 30, 2009

pelukis armatur itu tidak mengetahui


The Amateur Artist

he comes with nothing,
expect to draw somehow an 'art', he said
instead he imagine the picture of his lover,
and the moment not to be missed
he picture her well,
as if she was there by the time he starts to draw

but time,
it has been a problem
as every line drawn was a waste
every reminiscence of carbon and water line
the picture he made,
it was love itself
majestically embedded on a scrap paper

waste has it been
dumped in a curragh perhaps?

there was nothing left in his heart
Love was pictured,
and gone. forever

*this was written on 1910 GMT+2, 21/10/09
*on the tram at Alexandria, Egypt


AnAk iBu said...

nape tept..
ko lukih gamba sape neh tept...

anwar azhari said...



mne la ak taw. just ak nmpak sorg artist arab nih kat st. stefano..
dye lukis lawa..

ak intebiu dye,
mcm2 dye citer,
n then lastly i came out with this.

insankecil said...


dark90 said...

'Love was pictured, and gone forever.' nice ending man!

anwar azhari said...

thanx dude..!!