Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lame on a plane


Of Our Little Stories that Rhyme

Its a little awkward here,
Seeing your face so bright,
Calling out my name so loud.

I could have been speechless,
With not a word to say,
By your prettiness undisplayed.

Cant stop looking in your eye,
So let me just say that I,
Had fallen in love with you.

Of our little stories that rhyme,
talking about our past time,
where it was first I see your smile.

With the distance we have,
we cant just meet again,
as before at the same place.

Let me just promise to you,
that i would cross the ocean,
to hear your lips say I do.

But that is out of boundary,
out of my willingly,
so pray, that God give me,

the future as be it we,
and just live on happily,
under the roof built by you and me.

*this was written on 0818 GMT +8, 13/10/09.
*i was on the plane to Cairo.
*So, generous readers, what do you have to criticize on this?


AnAk iBu said...

tept kalo ko pndai men gitar kan best.

shamim said...

meen kirim salam.


anwar azhari said...

Anak ibu:

yes nanie.. i CAN play the guitar. y do u think i wrote all this lame poetry??

Shamim Afiqah:

take care u gurls.. =)

Anonymous said...


I really2 love poetry, and I do write some, but not as good as others. But, it doesn't matter as long as I enjoy it. :P

nway, you did a great job. :)

anwar azhari said...

i would love 2 read some of ur poetry.

please identify urself anony..

Anonymous said...

I am a 4th year student btw.
There's one that I wrote after having some heart break. huhu.
It's a pleasure for me if you read it.

*mind the language @ grammar*

My quote: "Beauty is kindness and happiness."

You once make me feel beauty.
It was a great feeling indeed.
Now i loss my beauty.
I have to start all over.
Maybe im not so sure where should i start,
but I know,
everything's start from inside,
from our deep heart.
O God, give me strength.
Keep my faith in You.
A calm soul reflects more beauty than a radiant pearl.

Anonymous said...

wah2..this anoynomuos above like have "jodoh" la ngn ko tept...