Saturday, November 7, 2009

its that time of the season


there had been a recent seasonal change.

it might be the stars that doesn't shine on Cancer if u believe in stars.
it may also be the clouds that shadows my path and i cant look to make a decision.
probably its the eyes where it gets too blurry and everything seems unclear.
where there is autoimmune and it eats up the brain and frankly i cant remember a thing.
its the time at which i walk with cat's paw and i just walk like a ghost through the hallway.
anything that i do seems to be wrong, and anything i did left unspoken.
nothing in any title that you're writing would be read and it would be left as remains.
there would be faeces from the anus and it feels like it came back like you're a rodent.
its the time where most of us fell into a sand trap and you're the only one that cant escape.
you are running as far as you can but u still cant reach the clouds that are above of your sky.
you tried to drink from some kind of crystal glass and it slipped off, turning into dust and water.
you called someone you loved but the operator is the only person who would loved to answer it.
its the time at which anything you touches burns, and everything you look at disappear.

what time is it now?

its that time of the season.


i would wait, patiently,

as my star wud shine as the brightest of all to the last galaxy that can be seen by our eyes.
the sun would glistens and heavenly the eye would give me the most righteous guidance.
where eyes are sharp as an eagle and be so wise to make decision like a falcon.
the neuron would travel as twice as fast and the world would slow down as u desire.
its the time where every footsteps count and people stood silently as they feel your aura.
anything you do is right, and everything you spoke off would be taken action.
the writing will be highly appreciated and it wud be some kind of a legend masterpiece.
there would be flowers that grew from the fertilizers that colours the sky beautifully.
its the time you're on a stepping stone and walk u will be further to the other horizon.
you ran as far as you can and you feel that the grass is greener, and the sky is clearer.
with your poise that pleases, everyone is looking at you while you take a sip of the champagne.
you didn't talk to your love one, as left you both unspoken with your lover on the phone all night.
everything you look at shines, and everything you touches grew beautiful and sheen.



Anonymous said...

apart makes the heart grew fonder

ko whining ke TepT?

anwar azhari said...

im accepting this terrible fate.

probably without any whining along the way.

being apart makes the heart grows fonder. i agree.

thanks. i think i noe u, anonymous

Anonymous said...

whining is good...
i makes u noe dat u love dat somebody
and still wanna love them...
when u stop whining means u have no hope for dat somebody...
mane kita nak tau ape yg jadi pd masa depan...
have a little hope n faith!
n u dont noe me..
me is silent reader..hehe

anwar azhari said...

ur a silent reader who spokes beautifully. ur advice are an honour to me. im glad tht u r here to help.

thank you..

Anonymous said...

ma' pleasure