Monday, March 23, 2009

dislike likes


"and could be that you hate something but in turn it is beneficial to you, and could be that you like something for yourself but in turn it is bad for you. And be reminded, that only Allah, is the all knowing while you dont know" - 2:216

there are things that we really like and there are also things that we really hate. some of which are good for us, as in, they are advantageous to us, but we dislike them, and some of which we like but its actually disadvantageous to us. some of which are bad and we dislike it, and not to forget that there are of course, good things that we like.

let me start by the first category. in which they are of good, but we dislike it. this particular thing may be advantageous, and yet we dislike it. its not something out of the norm as you yourself can think of some examples that are related. take an example of going to the class and hears lectures. often we felt lazy and powerless to go to the class, it may be that you are unaware that seldomly we hear students saying, "owh no, we got class till 6pm??!" ,"damn, lectures for 4 hours straight?!" etc.. this indicates how highly negative thinking we are, in contrast that we should always be greatful to receive and hears wisdom and knowledge from the teachers and lecturers. no matter how long the lecture would be, or no matter how boring it is. 

move on to the second category. things that are liked but disavantageous. these things could either be disadvantageous to our health, mind, relationship, etc. taking a simplpe example of smoking. its has been proved by numerous facts that smoking is not good for our health, but yet people still smokes. i dont find it weird, but its complicated. some of the smokers hate what they are doing but still, they couldn't just stop it. its drugs that they are addicted to. and with drugs that they are addicted to that they couldn't afford to quit smoking. but with hell a lot of support from families, friends, and the society as a whole, smokers could stop smoking.

and moving on now, there are things that are bad and we hate them. an easy example would be a non-smoker who hates smoking, and there are not much to talk about here, because its obvious that we hate things that are bad, just a wisdom to be told, if we hate bad things happens to us, then just dont do bad things towards others. a like a simple karma in which we had to work by it. as easy to say if you do good deeds, you may insyaAllah have a very good life of your own and may end up in the heaven of Allah. if we always do bad things, then the reverse will occur. as bad things will come by the bad things we do, dont do bad things. be good.

and things that are good and we like. just imagine all the good things around you that happens throughoutly in our life. life is just wonderful. easy.


and there woud be, of course, the second part of my post as i had always did before.

"Tell them (O muhammad), to the guys who have their faith so that they block their eyes (from looking at haram things) and to protect their dignity. By that it is better for them, and really is Allah really are the all knowing into everything that they do" -24:30

this may cause some uneasiness by the girls, but i had to say what i had to say.

i hate it that girls often wears pants, any type of pants either jeans or khakis, in which it is so thight that it seems that your pants really gripping on your thigh and buttocks. i cant figure how some of you girls felt comfortable with such attire. as for me, i would be uncomfortable for me if people would just stare at my buttocks while i'm walking, either if i'm aware that there are people starring at it or not, but the complains that i want to bring out forth is that, "girls, people either the guys or lesbians, are starring at your pack of buttocks as it crunches in by your tight pants". as a matter of fact, i personally really are uneasy to watch you girls, especially of the same religion and race with me, to wear such clothing. damn, its really hard to take care of our eyes nowadays. please, get rid of the 'tight buttocks squeezing crouching in and out while walking' kind of pants. whats the use of covering is we only even shows them up? have not Rasulullah SAW told us that we had to cover and by the mean cover it means that our clothing is not see through or shows up the shape of our body. Rasulullah had also said that there are more women than men in the hell, seems that its not so hard to answer the question of why.

thank you.

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