Sunday, March 8, 2009

ayam mantap


ada beberapa kisah arab.


kisah arab 1: Mereka membuatkan aku marah

lets see, here is how the story goes. i was playing tennis by the rooftop. but then, i had hit the ball too hard that the ball fell off the roof. so there was few arab teenagers that pick up my ball. i called them. while holding the ball, the arabs look across the street to search for the keeper of the tennis ball. they look up and saw me shouting at them. they were laughing among themselves and took the ball and walk away just like that.

i shout at them. (in translation from BA to BM)

"orang arab! orang arab! weyh org mesir!! weyh orang mesir bangang..!! tu bola aku la..!! haram ke atas korang!! gi mampos ko ke neraka!!"

my voice woke up the neighbourhood. they all get out of the balkony and look down to see who took my ball. the neighbourhood here already knew that i play tennis by the rooftop. they tried to call the arab teenagers that took my ball, but they had already walk far away.


kisah arab 2: Anak kecil itu menangis

I was at fatalla with Nazli to buy some groceries. after paying for all the items, i wait for Nazli at the door. then i heard a young arab boy crying while hugging the buttocks of his mom. here was cring so loudly. the he look around and cry some more. maybe because his mom didnt buy the thing he carved for. he continue to cry loudly. then i went near him. he looked at me in the eye, i put my finger on my lips to tell him to be silent. then he stop crying but still hugging his mom's buttocks.


kisah arab 3: Mereka memuaskan hati dan perut aku

I am so damn hungry and i only have ice cream for breakfast this morning. it was almost 3 o'clock and im so hungry i cant help it. nazli and i went to Al-wahid restaurant. where they say the roasted chicken here is very great and cheap. nazli had went to somewhere to pick up his friend.

i was alone when i was sitted at the restaurant. i ordered 3 half roasted chicken. then the waiter told his friend about what i ordered. his friend burst into laughter. *damn*. he was laughing like hell.

i sat silenty and ignored them.

few minutes later, nazli and his friend arrived and we ate the roasted chicken together. nazli's friend couldn't finish up the chicken so she pass the chicken breast to me. so in total, i ate 3/4 roasted chicken. hahaha.. Alhamdulillah.


kisah arab 4: Cantik juga wanita arab ini

i was at the trem station to wait for the trem to get back home after eating those chicken. while i was waiting, there was this arab gurl about my age, who is very beautiful, sexy and lovely. 


kisah arab 5: Mereka mencuit hati aku

i was on the trem to get back home. for the next station, there was a few arab teenagers who got on the trem. about 7 of them. then one of them asked his friend where they are heading, so his friends bring himself and his friend down to see the map of the trem, point to the map and said, "kita nak pergi ke sini". of all the sudden, the trem door closes, the 2 arab teenagers couldn't get in and was left away. they tried to open the trem door by their hands. and because the trem just moved on, he smack the door and yelled like an angry man. i giggled by myself. few seconds later, the other 5 arab teenagers was looking for their friends. they didn't noticed that they had left their friends behind. they were like fools. i burst into laughter looking at them.


kisah arab 6: aku tak faham langsung.

there was this one arab guy who follows me from mahattah al-raml. he was holding my hand like g*y. he wouldn't let go off me. he talks about many stuff. he said that he is a khadam of a dobi shop. he asked me for some money to eat. i told him while passing by an old lady beggar.

"kau ni sihat je aku tengok, ko cube tengok makcik nih. lagi kesian dia dari ko. tapi ko melebih-lebih mintak duit dari aku."

he dont understand athing about what i said. my arabic was really bad. the when we passed by the chocolate shop by the corner lot, Ahmad greet me and said,

"weyh anwar, org nih org malaysia ker?"

i said,

"x lah, dia ikut aku dari tadi. aku x faham dia cakap ape".

ahmad and his friends burst into laughter. while ahmad talk with the arab guy who had followed me, i walked quickly to my house.


kisah arab 7: Mereka pelik tengok aku

my house keeper aka bawwab put on his curious face while looking at me running across the hall to enter the lift.


the end

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