Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The day was lovely as i strolled along


The day was lovely as i strolled along.

it has been a very wonderful day.
he would grasp the wind to draw a flower,
turn off the light to collect the shadows,
blows the cloud by his diapragm to let the sun shines through,
jumps off from a building just to know if it hurts,
run to the ocean and drown for he does not swim,
stabs himself to see if it kills.

if it has been a forlon day,
i misses it,
to see the blue sky,
with the breeze mingling with my hair,
the clouds run and make silly formation,
eyes closed to see the sun so beautiful,
climb up the stairs to see the man made view,
sit by the sands and gaze upon the ocean,
forgets everything to get some sleep.

written by,
TepT Sigmoid


And not to forget,
today is Hana Yasmin's birthday,
so i wanna take this time out,
to wish her Happy birthday,
and may u always had a great day ahead,
to achieve what u wanted,
and to run free for what u have.

Happy birthday,

Anwar Azhari

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