Tuesday, March 3, 2009

we be happy


great news..!!

done with exam.


im waiting.

for now,

i'm happy...!!!

as happy as bloo..!!


owh yeah..

today is a wonderful day.

i just called my sis, Aini Arifah to say


n then she said that they are goin 2 d Penang Village

my fav restaurant in d region of putrajaya..

arrgghhh..!!! damn..!! nak gakk..!!

d Char Hor Fun is really great.


(she is ex kisas physics teacher as most of u may know her)


Ainul said...

omg! i LOVE3 bloo!

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

aku 'pinjam jap gambar ni' hee... kawai!!

khairi said...

Hope you done well in the exam. I wish you'll get the best result and have the best semester holidays ever. See you on the next semester!

Irine Nadia MaRceLLo said...

cam kenal je tmpat2 byk rabbit nih..ekekeek..bukit tinggi rite?:)

ennyripoff said...

yup bukit tinggi....

Azhari....eryn suka sangat mkn kueh teow kat penang village....dia makan sendiri pulak tuh....
boleh la geng dgn paksu...

Thanks for the wish....