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hug my butt as much as u like while they r starring (simpled)


Prolog: sebagai isu yang boleh dikatakan sebagai isu umat akhir zaman, sebahagian besar dari kita kurang ambil perhatian tentang isu ini. yakni isu pemakaian yang ketat. dalam penulisan kali ini, kami bertiga akan cuba mengupas dan memberi pendapat kami masing-masing mengenai pakaian ketat muslimah zaman sekarang. jangan pula mata anda dikaburi. bukanlah perkataan 'muslimah' yang kami gunakan ini adalah untuk menunding jari ke arah para ustazah namun saya cuba berkata muslimah, yakni wanita muslim secara amnya. selain itu, saya memandang isu ini secara keseluruhannya. saya bukanlah melihat hal ini dalam skop Mesir semata-mata.



this issue is an evolving issue. this issue was first become blazed when the song "MINAH TUDUNG by Hafiz Ashaari" was populared and had been controversial for the time being. nevertheless bout the controverstion, it means that people by how i cud remember about 4 years ago, had already noticed this subject. the song is simple and easy to follow. most muslimah hates it because it strikes right to their intestine. just take the corus for example;

minah2 tudung zaman sekarang ramai cacat otak, BODOH..!!
pakai tudung tapi pakai pakaian yang ketat2, BODOH..!!
ada pula yang pakai tudung tapi pakai t-shirt pulak, BODOH..!!
mana ke tidak masyarakat kita dipandang rendah, BODOH..!!



why cant u gurls just stay beautiful by just the way u already are?

why shud u need to dress up inappropiately just to say that u r beautiful?

look at this lyrics, maybe some of u had heard this song b4,

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung
Wanna pull up tough
Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna get with ya
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me so horney
Ooh, rump of smooth skin
You say you wanna get in my benz
Well use me use me cuz you aint that average groupy

u see how crazy that just by ur figure it cud drive a man crazy n start rappin about butt??

if its beautiful that u seek from the way u dress,

its not like it..


i dunnoe. my mind cant read urs.


how is it showing ur petite butt is good?

owh n by the way,
while u gurls r wearin ur pants,
look at the mirror 2 see if it hugs ur butt or not,
if it does, change ur pants, or find something to cover it up such as a long t-shirt, or anythin.

when i ask a friend of mine about this, butt hugging pants,
he said, "shit..!!
thats not even an attire..!!"

just go with a good style by wearing pakistan's gown (jubah pakistan) that covers down till ur butt.
sometimes i see u gurls r wearin t-shirts but with sleeve socks,
its not enough.. cuz u see,
that particular sleeve socks follows up to the shape of ur arm,
if its showing the shape that means its still ur aurat,
cover it up with loose sleeve.
ur veil, sometimes they show off ur ears.
try to wear ur veil by covering up ur ears.
and some bawal's veil is superlatively see-through even when folded many times.
therefore, with a normal way to wear ur veil, ur neck just appears as it is.
suppose u gurls just shud be a good muslimah by dressin as pretty as u can,
dress as how Rasulullah (peace be upon him) told us.

cover up by the veil n to lower it down till it covers ur chest.
not to wear clothes with such see through fabric.
not to get it too tight until such unpleasant features appears.
wear a loose pants for God's sake,
dont let ur pants hug ur butt.
its only gonna drive guy's eyes towards focusing to your butt.
no matter how petite u r,
still, a loose pants wud be better.


"its not hard to be beautiful,
but its wrong to be sexy"



"Wahai nabi, suruhlah isteri-isterimu dan anak-anak perempuanmu serta perempuan-perempuan yang beriman, supaya melabuhkan pakaiannya bagi menutup seluruh tubuhnya(semasa mereka keluar); cara yang demikian lebih sesuai untuk mereka dikenal (sebagai perempuan-perempuan yang baik-baik) maka dengan itu mereka tidak diganggu. Dan ingatlah, Allah maha pengampun lagi maha mengasihani." -Al-ahzaab, 59

ambillah iktibar dan pengajaran. janganlah diulangi perkara yang sama, janganlah mnjadikan diri anda (wahai wanita) sebagai umpan syaitan utk mnjadikan kaum lelaki itu sesat. sesungguhnya kaum lelaki itu pemimpin bagi kaum wanita, maka (wahai kaum adam) haruslah kau sentiasa memperingati mereka. dan juga kpd entunna(kaum wanita scara keseluruhannya), senantiasalah nasihat menasihati antara satu sama lain dalam hal ini. saling ingat memperingat. jangan biarkan sahabat kita dimalukan, jangan pula sahabat kita dipersoal ttg auratnya di akhirat kelak. ana hendak meminta maaf sekiranya bahasa yang digunakan menimbulkan rasa tidak selesa dalam kalangan anda.

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N u F a S said...

Good post...=)...
yeah, i also feel embarrassed by the way they dressed. I feel as if its a n embarrassment to the other girls who did their best to cover up themselves. forgive me for being harsh but i'm really sad to see the Muslim(who is born a Muslim) neglect the teachings of their own religion just as simply like that. I felt like telling them all how hard it is for me just to wear the hijab. I have to face a lot of obstacles but them? They don't appreciate the freedom that Allah has given by covering up. By covering up, according to the way that Rasulullah s.a.w. had stated, i think, it frees me from the stares of the unwanted eyes...

sekian wassalam...

p/s : this is simply my thoughts...i don't mean to offend other people who happen to read this...=)

anwar azhari said...

thank u for your consideration towards this issue..


Anwar ashari said...

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Anonymous said...

salam...i read your post on the girls and dresses thing...and, to be honest..i'm not very happy with it yea. i know you ment well and some of the examples you gave are a little bit too extereme dont you think? why do guys like to write about things like this in their blogs???yours is not the first one that i encountered coming from our small community. and the way you guys potray your dissatisfactions are somewhat similar...the not-so-very-easy-to-accept kind of way you know? you ppl are being critical, and thats not gonna help much i tell you. oklah, i know you ment well, but mind your LANGUAGE PLEASe! dah~ myrasakura

Anonymous said...

sorilah tengah ngantuk n moody. dah~myrasakura

anwar azhari said...