Saturday, December 13, 2008

anwar & tept said: "weyh azhari..!! udah2 la tuh!!"


the post here wud not b understand by most pple. even ma best fwen wont understand i think.

but if u r really empathy, caring and love me much, maybe u wud had a thot bout this.

tept: weyh azhari, ko x yah la nk wat prob kat cni.
azhari: amendanye ak wat prob lak?
anwar: ak pn nmpak skali r, ko nih ganggu kite pnyer performance la azhari.
azhari: aiseyh.. ape ak nk wat? bkan slalu pn jd camnih.
tept: weyh, pe kate ak wat graffiti ttg mnda yg mgaco ko tuh? express feeling sket. let it out dude.
anwar: hurrmm.. ak stuju.. camne azhari? ko stuju x?
azhari: hmm.. ak kene tabah la skang nih. baiklah tept, ko lakukan yg terbaik.
tept: ***melukis graffiti***
anwar: wah.. gempak gak. stylo2..
azhari: perghh.. ko mmg stylo r tept!! tahniah.! n thanx much..
anwar: hey dude, i cant see how this graffiti can solve our prob here.
tept: hahaha.. didnt u get it? its called the art of tept. once we look at this graffiti many2 times, we tend to get bored by it ryte? n thus,
we wud b bored of d thing that complicate us even more.

azhari: i c.. but r u sure that this wud work?
tept: trust me.. we had done this many times before. im sure it wud work as well as before.
anwar: well azhari, its all up to you. get this stuff to her. n get her outta our mind. we really need to focus on our priority.
azhari: i'll do ma best guys.

for a quite some time, it seems tht it all r goin fine. but for some reason, the art even kills us.
tept say that this is the greatest strength of us, and yet our greatest weakness.
but anwar seems it in d other way round. suppose that this wud only strengthents us, n shud not weakend us.
however, with peer pressure and weak cooperation from the strength, it had become weakness.
azhari felt that the greatest strength is now diminished. in which it all had make no sense for the things that we had done before.

sometimes it feels so problematic. suppose it to be a good thing to be happend, but it had been a bad thing.
azhari cant see the light from his strength. all is left is the spirit of tept and the confidence of anwar.

but the real feeling of tept, anwar and azhari cud actually b representd by this picture down here.

dsign by tept sigmoid for us!!

the person that stabs us wud probly be our problem, which used to be our greatest strength.


umairah said...

things that kill me only make me stronger.


anwar azhari said...


thats totally true..

i only felt stronger now.

Anonymous said...

alaa kalau cite pasal back stab ni dah berjuta juta juta kali i kene
ia buat i blajar jangan percaya orang dengan mudah drg ni sebenarnye envy dengan ape yang kite ade diorang xde thats why jeles
fuck ar backstabbers

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

you're a unique guy....

anwar azhari said...


ni bkan backstabbers la..
i kene frontstab..
dh la pedang dye besar smacam..
mcm sengaja tp masing2 taw la i sakit cuz kene tikam..

Anonymous said...

i salah bace ke jap biar i bace once again i bace laju je