Thursday, December 11, 2008

The TepT SigmoiD Appreciation Award

Assalamualaikum wbt..

pada hari ini,

akan ku persembahkan THE TEPT SIGMOID APPRECIATION AWARD buat bloggers yg mensyukuri akan kehidupan yang indah ini.

Award ini dipersembahkn dalam pelbagai kategori..


"I am clean" Award

i would like to represent this award to Anas kamarudin for his blog and his awareness and appreciation towards hygiene.

"I love my dad" Award

i would like to represent this award to Mirrah Atika for her post that fully show her love towards her dad.

"I love my mom" Award
this award goes to a guy who really love his mom, Muhammad Yadi Abdullah

"I am a teenager" Award

this award would be represent to a gurl whom i can see that she loves being a teenager. Izzaty

"I really love my college" Award

this award goes to Hamizi Habri because he always wrote smthing about his colledge.

"I've done ur TagGed" Award

this award goes to Amalina Abdul Rashid for noticing me that she had done ma tagGed.

"I got a lot to tell ya" Award

this award goes to nanie for her blog which has so many things to be read

"I love him" Award

this award goes to Fateen Atiqah for her blog which always tells the reader that she really do love her boyfriend.

Best Female Blogger Award

goes to the best female blogger with much intresting and unique way of posting.
and this award is for Ainul Mardhiah.

Best Male Blogger Award

this goes to the best male blogger who really have his way of blogging.
and this award goes to Shahir Ghazali.


thats all folks..
have this award on ur blog.


fateeniEqa :) said...


awrd die sume same ke nie ?

btw mne aci i dpt awrd ilovebf :P

n my sys gt awrd teenanger.hahaha

jelous2 :P

btw ty.

ahuyy~ said...

thank you very much for the appreciation!..

herm..."i would like to thank to mr..blablablablabla..and mrs..blablahblabla.. for giving such a strength that now i be able to stand where i suppose to stand for"

oppss..did i giving a speech?? ..naahh..i afraid not!! :p *not in a rethoric like the award winner does! i guess*.

p/s thanks again btw!..

ADA said...

weyh.. aku nk gak.. hahaha..

محمد يادي بن عبدالله said...

Di ats kesmpatan ini, i would like to say a great thankful to ALLAH , to my famly and to all my fans.. This award is just 4 you.. Siapalah saya tanpa anda. Thank you


alhamdulillah :DD

finally,i got it.ecehhh.
thanks thanks ;DD

jom jom kita syg ayah bersama sama.

hamizi. said...