Friday, December 26, 2008

nice to meet u all- part 1

Aku baru sampai ktt kot.. ni aku rasa kot.. n ni yg ak nak ingat kot.. salah silap maafkan la jgn lak kentot..

hye there..

ma name is tept sigmoid and i like it to be simple
found out that sepang is d place 2 go before egypt
the place is yet unreliabaly senget and ma head just fall
i cant believe tht theres such a college in such a place

well first of all lets meet the people in person
hey u, wats up, ma name is anwar and i come here by ma car
hey dude, ma name is nezly and i just noe i'm in KTT
i luv ma hair just as much as u luv ur scar
comin here from rawang i just gettin to know sepang
but sure i gotta let maself b comfortable here.

weyh jeDu..! cant believe tht ur here too
weyh tepet, r u gonna b in KTT too??
yeah sure dude, cant believe we got d same place
he is jadu, d guy where saser is d place of influence
got to here from muar,
he is really the man who evrybody wud just say "wah"

nama saya.. akmal
he's the one who seems most confident here
i gotta admit tht he knows what hes doin
d 1st q comin out from me is tht,
ko tido kat bilik maner?
n he is like, here, in this room "bawah ni jer"

gotta check out his roomate
d name zaihas n he is skinny yet healthy
seems cool n all when arrived at KTT
he's d 1st one whom i saw right here in this college
gettin here with his parents just like evryone do
its really hard to make new friends

i just wanna be in the same room as jadu
but there seems to be a bag on d floor
just had to ask "sapa punya?"
jadu then say "ada budak botak dari utara"
the name hasyimi and evrybody knows him
was polite n all n is quite a mysterious guy
spend a lil time with him and u will noe him

its somehow quite awkward,
who is she?!
strolling down d line to be noe tht she's taken,
shes makin a noise in d hallway n caught our attention,
thought to be a chinese but shes act just a sarawakian,
d name is hana yasmin marzuki and shes an angle with a smile so keen

Oh no..! we got a orientation week
n im here in d same group with a girl named hazirah here
i dunt think i cud guess who is her but shes quite a leader
lets just do the modelling stuff n be outta here

hey u,
i havnt hear ur voice yet
ur a very silent person
yet we gotta work together to do this modelling stuff
can i just now ur name so we cud work better.
haha. it takes me 4 times to hear her name.
ikra, awak pemalu kot orangnyer.

n here is where d crack up gets crank up
theres gonna b mc's for d orientation day
i am it cuz its like d ktt staff seems im up
cudnt c whos im partnerd with but its okay
seeing tht impression only leads to hey there
i dunt think this is goin anywhere
its great tht i c confidence and easy to work with a natural chemistry
heck that simplest way that i shud know her name before doing this thingy?
just after all is ends then i heard that pple calls her Ani
i mean its like, whats her real name anyway?
didnt get to noe till its class tyme on LH5.
and she is sweet as honey, her name is nurfarahani.

all d sudden pple wud just lookd at her
pple noe that she wasnt just actin
that to noe her name is fatin,
just said that arab is a simple thing that she had already own
cudnt resist the fact that she is from d hottest satay hometown

owh we c that KTT is a cool place tht seems great
c theres a thing where KiTT king wud b announce
say tht yadiy, ko la king kitt!!
a natural leader to be taken,
to lead us better and not to be broken.
its not something to be seen forsaken.
just see that pple wud trust him real great as a raven.


i'll pause the rythm here.
to be continued by "the life continued as we get along"
just a hold up the rap yet not to say so long
tuned in 2 d 2nd part of this crap.
where its d best part to b heard and memorised.
owh damn i really need to stop.
seems that i really had lost ma riddle from da top.
i'd been caught
ma tongue just got blobbed.

just a salam by the phrase assalamualaikum,
hope that u'll come by my blog again to fell d rhapsody's momentum.


Anonymous said...

so sweet lorh!!!

adaliciOus said...

this is like a rap song. good one ;)

Anonymous said...

sweet memories...