Sunday, December 27, 2009

spoken, the lamest 2 phrase


i keep on writing poetry, neither the readers like it or not, neither if I like it or not, my heart just tell me to write on, though probably the poetry wouldn't even be read, read by the person, the beloved that I'm writing too. but as it all just some words lining up to make a phrase, why bother what it meant and what it meant for? how can we say that these 26 letters,space, coma, and full stop could make an art or merely embed the feel of love?

Wait till the maghribi summer

all the thing that keep us apart
and keep us going on wider,
makes the sense in which i miss,
the heart and soul that i fell for.

on every detail of clouds,
i try to picture your image,
and the wind would blow through,
as if they know that i miss you.

let me run a footstep closer,
even though you know i cant to.

this shivering winter has hold me,
to wait till the maghribi summer.

i cant recognize the dream that i had,
where its me, a mosque and u there.
with a bed that is lovely to see,
in your hand you bear our 1st child.

why does this sounds so awkward to us,
because we're probably too young to.

but in else in any matter of fact,
i know that i would only love you.

dear my love i tried to told you,
that i had deeply fell in love with you.

from Melbourne to Sydney,
south pole breeze, sand storm,
green grass or white little snow,
you shall see this one day.

from Woodland to Cangi,
the concrete roads,
and the high metal building,
made me think of our future together.

from Alexandria to Cairo,
made me plead to God,
to make this bond eternal for us.

Kajang to Kuala Lumpur,
reminds me of home,
where both of us has come from the same place.

Makkah to Madinah,
this journey yet not started,
but we had already started running.

all the little souvenirs that i brought,
have a little meaning to say that,
wherever i go wherever i am,
i'm always thinking of you.

it might be the lamest 2 phrase,
but its all that i got in this short phase.


AnAk iBu said...

mengikut diagnosis Dr Nanay;

kau neh da parah tept.
dapatkan rwatan segera di klinik2 berdekatan.


anwar azhari said...

tapi Dr...

ape penyakit saya nih ?

saya perlukan penjelasan.!

Aquarius Schumaquarius said...

Its obvious you like the girl Anwar - just say what you have to her. Its that simple! :D

Salhatul Asma Ruslan said...

banyakkan ber"PUASA"..insyaAllah khier~.

kepalakotak said...


Nisaku said...

jgn, jgn confess kt girl tu.
Kalo betul2 suka, tros masuk minang.

Kita buat cara islam.

Kenapa jgn confess?
takut nnt girl tu akan dpt gangguan emosi. Nnt dia pon angau gak kang.


boxing glove said...

jiwang gile tept

anwar azhari said...

zalikha, asma, husnun- thanks u gurls..

kotak- huh?? lol..

boxing- hahaha.. kadang2 kita perlu hidupkan jiwa seni kita..!

kEyNAh said...

parah dah ni~
btw, ikut je nasihat asma n husnun..

afiqmaster said...

nice poem..
tpkn tept.. kate nk join kelab hasyimi.. huuu


anwar azhari said...

kite kene pandai bezakan antara

akhawat malizi dengan wanita melayu.

mmg la join kelab dye, tp ad branch kite sendri.. hahaha..