Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diagnosis: AV nodal re-entry tachycardia


5 minutes with Prof Dr Amal Hussein-
Professor of Physiology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Tept: Professor, i got smthing to ask you about this phenomenon.

Prof: Come again??

Tept: i got some questions concerning the reentry mechanism.

Prof: Ok.. whuts ur question?

Tept: how can we stop it?

Prof: owhh.. how can we stop it?

Tept: yes.. how can we stop it if it occurs?

Prof: do you have it?

Tept: errrr.. ahhh...

Prof: u got this?

Tept: ermm.. haah..

Prof: why? are u under stress?

Tept: not quite..

Prof: do u have any relationship with the gurls?

Tept: well, no. owh, maybe a little. but i'll say no.

Prof: hahaha.. r u being too sensitive in your relationship and all the things happening to you?

Tept: i dunt think so.. no no..

Prof: how many hours did u sleep?

Tept: 6.. smtimes 8.. maybe more..

Prof: owhh.. thats good. never sleep late, ok?

Tept: owhh.. ok.

Prof: did u have stress with ur study and drink coffee?

Tept: errmm.. no. i stopped caffeine long ago. about 3-4 months ago.

Prof: u smoke?

Tept: no

Prof: good. how many times per day u got this attack?

Tept: 9 times per day..

Prof: D8. 9 times..??!!

Tept: yeah but that is about 3-4 months ago.

Prof: so how about now?

Tept: well, i stop on caffeine and all, i exercise more, so its just 1 attack evry 2-3 days.

Prof: ahhh...

Tept: i had seen my cardiologist before and he suggest that i took medicine but i refused.

Prof: dunt take any medication. especially in ur age. what else did he say?

Tept: he said stop on caffeine and all that.

Prof: u know, there is a way to stop it. u shud try to put ur finger in the throat. try to make urself vomit. then it stimulates the vagal stimulation.

Tept: u mean, in the throat like this?

Prof: yes.. yes.!! deeper into the throat. as if u would vomit.

Tept: ahh... i c.. my cardiologist told me to imitate the action of defecating.he said that d imitating action also stimulate the vagal nerve.

Prof: ahh.. well, try not to get too sensitive in your relationships.. and try not to be under stress all the time.. have plenty of rest, and dont eat too much in one course. do you always eat a lot?

Tept: yes.. of course.

Prof: dont eat too much. I sometimes have the attack too when i am on my full stomach. sometimes i feel too hungry that i eat a lot in one course. and then my full stomach iritates the heart through the diaphragm and causes this reentry.

Tept: ahh..

Prof: and my uncle, he's a cardiologist, have this kind of attack too.. and each time he got this attack, he put his finger in the throat to try to vomit. and he told me this.

Tept: ahh.. i c..

Prof: i'll be asking more to the cardiologist about this to know more. and by that time, take care of urself..

Tept: thank u prof. thank you..

Prof: Thank you..


kepalakotak said...


lg baik x tau sume jadah ape pasal jantung2 nih. cuba hidup secara normal.

"Prof: do u have any relationship with the gurls?"

hUr said...

sensitive in your relationship?


now that's an unavoidable etiology.


AnAk iBu said...

ape kena mngena gmba tuh dgn dialog ko neh?

Anonymous said...

serious? bile ko tanye soalan ni?? dlm lectr? ke ko buat sniri script ni?? *wonder

anwar azhari said...

amin: normal la kalo sakit jumpe doktor. nak lebih normal menurut definisi ko, kita x yah belajar jd Doktor.

hur: sigh, its hard being a sensitive man.

nani: x de kaitan.

anony: lpas abis lecture ak tanye la. baru td pn ak jmpe dye gak..

hanif hafiz said...

bpak arr..ptut la aku asyik kne attck je..
hipotesis - perempuan pnyebab sakit jantung.. (masih dlm kajian)

hanif hafiz said...

bpak arr..ptut la aku asyik kne attck je..
hipotesis - perempuan pnyebab sakit jantung.. (masih dlm kajian)

miss barbie_sakura said...

take care! :)

amalina rashid said...

prof tue mayb da biase ngan patients muda kne dis kind of attack..
love attack ke ape? XP

kepalakotak said...

xyah jadi doctor.

anwar azhari said...

abu: sila jalankan kajian..

ainur: thanks.!

amal: maybe she cud guess by d way i reacted. its like we had some kind of chemistry together. n if i might add, the prof got a prolonged attack of up to 1-2 hours. thats a disaster. i only got this for only 3-5 minutes max. n totally its not love attack. lol.

aminh: yeay.

islahmujahidin said...

ni dr physio tu ke?
Menyesal x tanya soalan bnyk2..
menarik r jawapan2 dia..
Dr alex mmg power..