Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dearest Palestina


For my dearest Palestina

The world is on the jews,
Christian are on the loose,
and till then the Muslims are killed like those goose.

We dont have the upper hand,
its like we never will,
to live together is something they can never comprehend,
for they own the dollar bill,
and it seems like we never will,
and for that of our weakness we are scared to stand.

What are we, coward?
For they are killing our people and you don't feel devoured?
Owh that's right, we are underpowered,
so we just sitting around doing nothing like a chowderheaded.

This kill is continuing,
each week they train their kids to aim our limb,
and when our soldier died, they bring another,
no, they dont call it murder,
in fact, this is exactly what they told their daughter,

"girl, the muslims are evil,
you heard the media, they kill our people,
they are terrorist,
living like a beast,
they explode themselves into the mist,
a very living pessimist.

That's right, hate them,
they don't deserve to live in this world so just starve them,
for their blood is the only thing that can compensate their sin to be condemned."

This war will continue till its 'The End',
for only Allah az-Zawajalla knows that is when,
each and every muslims pray with intend,
to bring Palestina back into our hand.

through this writing I want to call upon my brothers,
and with this call I want you to remind one another,
keep praying for our dear Palestina,
if you're capable just lend them another Dinar,
to help them is totally an obligation,
for they are living a never ending deprivation.

this poem is dedicated to my ummah,
and to my very love to Rasulullah.
insyaAllah Palestina will be free,
its something that Al-Quran has guaranteed.

2200 31052010

as seen on Kapasitor


Anonymous said...

love it!

Pza Ngah said...

wahh honto kirei desu

Pza Ngah said...

kirei=awesome (indah)

anwar azhari said...



nice ! !
doakan saudra saudara kita di sana.Amin !