Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skeetchen 4: imba-tard donuts~!!


lets make some doughnuts~!


flour 2kg
eggs 4
milk 4 cups
active dry yeast
sugar, salt, vanilla


castor sugar,
strawberry jam,
apricot jam,
peanut butter,
slices of pineapples.

to everyone living in Camp Caesar,
Akmal Sufi's, Husnun's, Ammar's, Ismah's, Sayuti's enjoy your doughnuts.
*owh yeah, if you guys wanna know how our doughnuts taste and look like in the end, ask them.

and if you did not receive your doughnuts (or any other cuisine), wait for Skeetchen 5.

Special thanks to:

Making the dough with a smile on the face =)

Creating craters for the imba toppings and filling-tards.


afiQFaiz said...

still got some works to do for the

anyhow~ it was a great-imba team! xD

hanif hafiz said...

hanif hafiz punye xde ke..

AnAk iBu said...

ape neh tept. mne hanani akmal punye. hah? hah?

anwar azhari said...

abu: tunggu episod akn dtg.

nanay: ko dh pindah jauh sgt r..

ucuuu said...

de program untuk smue pelajar perubatan,berminat??anjuran PAPISMA, click link ini,

eLLa said...

sweetnyer wat donnut..
bntuk luv lgi..

anwar azhari said...




khairi malik said...

ala...x bg aku pun~ I love nuts without shell. doughNUT of course!

anwar azhari said...

jemput la dtg ke umah ak..