Thursday, July 9, 2009

a typical malay


The Typical Malay

a typical malay,

would wake up early on that day,

to do things that would make him stay,

clentch with all his might and meat,

just to get something to eat,

for their children to read,

send their sons to school,

as the future would be so cool.

the typical malay,

have a slightly angled smile,

to say that this is mine,

not letting anyone interupt,

as it would make them abrupt,

with just little compliment,

could break up his alignment,

of the worlds that goes astray,

still he would be by his ashtray,

as he is just a typical malay.


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

hope I'm not a typical Malay
hope I'm an outstanding one..

"Be outstanding, be outstanding"... hihi... teringat lak time public speaking ritu... wat malu je...

KiTT @KTT said...

salam, anwar
gud luck utk u all punye exam. sampaikan salam pd semua. tlg sampaikan, maaf, i x dpt nk tgalkan komen kt nlog sume. so i wakilkan kt u.
Gud Luck. I doakan dari sini.
oh ya, i ade update d blog KiTT@KTT. cekidaut!

warmest regards tuk semua.