Monday, July 27, 2009

its not flaws, but imperfection


its nice having a friend around,
and its also nice to see a friend goes around.

sending friends to the airport for their trip home feels like they wud be leaving forever,

and staying here feels like staying forever.


I'm leaving your town, again,
but i'm over the ground that you've been spinning,
and i'm up in the air,
said, 'baby, hell yeah',
well honey i can see your house from here,
if the plane goes down, damn,
i'll remember where the love was found.
if the plane goes down, damn.

Jason mraz- plane.

this goes to everybody who are now safe by the side of their parents.
be safe. be happy.

i also want to wish NAIM NOR AZMI,
my dormate and classmate,
my friend, my enemy,
the one that i adore and envy,
he is Scoop.
Happy 19th birthday..
may Allah bless ur life.


kepalakotak said...

aku akan tinggalkn aku punye ssss
khas utk ko ok?

"its nice to see friends goes around"

Medical Specialist Dr K@! said...

tept is sigmoid colon..hu3

SKOOP said...

trima kaseh weh.. haha
awat hang x bgtaw..
hadiah pos la.. setem ak blanje
ko main fb x?