Saturday, July 11, 2009

smile of an angel- the distance

Assalamualaikum. a simple thought s a boy. a dream that is felt, a reality to chase, a patient to wait.

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*i just notice that i misspell angel with angle on the 1st poem

The Distance

dedicated to,
Jasmin Munchar Elias

miles by the sea,
hours by the plane,
distance i took for a change,
almost the hardship tear me apart,
but to think about a soul i fell for before,
stood me back up to be fully packed.

the route i took might be lost from the book,
each time to think there's a thought missing,
neither eyes nor lips could have stay,
but the name that for sure not to be absent,
shall make me remember you, as you,
not falling for sparks nor smiles,
as i got affected only by your soul.

but it would just be the humble me,
never i think that love is something that i afford to give,
for i did not create it,
but for you, dil-'aram,
the love of God,
i shall seek it with you,
that is all i wanted to do,
to live under eternity within happiness,
where bayou flows beneath the ground we stand.

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