Friday, May 22, 2009

spitting image


of all the spitting image that we seen everyday, in which some matches and others dont, i tend to see that the Final day is reaching nearer and nearer to us everyday.

of all the memories that are kept inside us and some memories that we want it to be forgotten are the ones that we remembers the most.

of the two phrases written up there, should be ignored because they are just crap written spontaneously by my two hands.

of the crackers that blow up our ears off and yet we repeat it as the joy and satisfaction comes from the part which hurts us.

of walking down the beach on midnight and feel the cold trembles in our veins, be it cold as the warmth of love are the one that we need most.

of drawing up the faces of our love ones yet the image would be bored by ourself, and we question the reasons of the drawing.

of no replies comes from the doings from the sweat, putting the affection into place, yet effort that we took were just seem as meaningless.

of the joy of writting now comes to my fingers, i continue to write about craps that would be ignored by everyone who read it.

of the ignorance that are aware, but ignorance as it is, just ignore as it is, while ignoring take the upper hand as to think takes the least.

of the end.

*i'm not home and 'kami' requested a new post, so here it is.


kepalakotak said...

tak tau nak kata apa.

kami said...

haa..best2.enjoy membace.~neway.ur blog is one of my fvret~.