Saturday, June 6, 2009

get killed to see him


its been such a while since my last post.

i dun have much to say, but there is smthin goin on in my mind.
its a really simple question which is.
"If you are to be killed by someone, who do you prefer?"
my answer is simple:

1. Emmy
2. Ejat
3. SHS

"korg mesti x knal yg 1st ngan 2nd kn??"

how peaceful the world is if people wud just kill more and more everyday.

dont ya think so?

no lah..

im just kiddin.

actually i hate it that people wud kill others.

while killers, in which most of them kills unintentionally. there's no chance that all the killers that are present behind bars are heartless killers.

in a major part of them, they feel shame of what they had done.

while i hate killers, especially by the area of Kajang, Serdang, and Bangi.

cuz when they kills, their corpse are brought to Serdang Hospital, and they keep my dad buzy.

sometimes my dad is so buzy that its hard to spend time with my dad.

but seriously, i dun think the crime rate is high enough to make my dad working like a buzzing bee.

cuz my dad, really know how to spend his leisure time with his family.

in the morning he wud wake me up to go to the mosque together,
we always had breakfast together,
sometimes i go to work with my dad,
by the weekends i go to the market with my dad,
sometimes supermarket, especially Tesco.
i had lunch with him,
by night we spend time at the mosque and recite the quran when we get home,
after that we watch some sports or movies,
usually i wud give a massage to my dad while watchin television,
and we go to bed afterwards.

i really miss my dad, he is my one true hero.

Dr Abdul Karim bin Haji Tajudin, a doctor, a lecturer, a boss, a leader, the mastermind, a father.

"The greatest Dr I have met is Dr Abdul Karim, my own father.
Why woudn't I be as great?"


Luqman Bazlan said...

You will insyaAllah:)
Have faith and hope.

Anis Amirah Nawawi said...

tiada halangan tuk berjaya.. cume brgantung pada dri sndri sama ader kita nk atau tidak.. and i hope u will get wut u want.. be like ur father or better than him maybe. insyaAllah.. all da best ! =)

p/s : i love my dad 2..

afeez.gonzalez said...

ak xrapat ngn ayah sejak duk mesir ni aku asek pikir nk krapat balik ngn ayah aku,.nk plak pas bce post ko ni..
tq ye..

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

i know you can,
i know you will...

Anonymous said...

anak ayah rupernyer...

as long as u ganbatte sungguh2,doa byk2,u can...maybe greater than him..saper

Anonymous said...

insyallah u will be like him dr anwar azhari..!!^_^
hopefully one day ak bole lhat ko sperti yg ko gmbarkan ttg ayah ko dlam blog ko nie...